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Dynamics 365 Business Central

Get a flexible and agile business solution that is both easy to use and customize and where your business can seamlessly evolve and grow larger. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have everything you need to run and connect your business and the solution gives you tools that enables you to make smarter decisions.

Get an overview of your business

Manage the finances
With the finance part of Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have the opportunity to streamline and clarify the administration of your finances while complying with deadlines.

Make your supply chain automated and secure
Create visibility throughout the supply chain while increasing control over your purchasing processes.

Optimize sales processes and create better service for your customers
Maximize your earnings opportunities and improve contact and thereby service your customers

Keep your projects within the timeframes and under budget
Using real-time data, you can monitor the progress of your projects and manage project budgets.

Improve stock and production
Make your production and warehouse tasks simpler so you can deliver your products on time and reduce the cost of your production and inventory.

Close to NAV

Basically, Dynamics 365 Business Central is based on the same code base as Dynamics NAV. This means that the basic software of the solution is almost the same and looking at the code only, it would be very difficult to distinguish between NAV and Business Central.

Exclusive web client

Dynamics 365 Business Central consists exclusively of a web client, which means that you access the application via your preferred browser and not through a local client.

Buy apps on AppSource and expand the functionality

If you need additional functionality, you can install ISV (Independent software vendor) developed applications directly from Microsoft AppSource. It allows you to test and try out the new functionality and quickly uninstall the app if it does not deliver what it should be doing. Maintenance and updating of the app is the responsibility of the supplier.

In short, it is thus possible to add additional functionality via apps to the solution, just as we already know it from our smatphones. And if you no longer want to use that app, you can delete it again without affecting the application itself, even though the app has new functionality and new tables. The reason why it's possible is, that the app is developed as a So called 'extension', and thus lies outside of the core application's code. With Extensions, you can thus develop apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central without making changes in the original application.

Customize with Extensions

With Extensions, you can customize Dynamics 365 Business Central without changing the underlying code and metadata. It is still possible for a developer to expand and adapt the functionality of Business Central without changing the original solution objects. The difference, compared to Dynamics NAV, is that the edits are stored in an Extensions file as additions, and not as changes to the application itself.


There are two price models for Dynamics 365 Business Central, Essential and Premium. Microsoft has added a lot of functionality to the basic package, but advanced features such as production management and service management are only in the expanded version.

Costs $ 70 per user per month

Cost $ 100 per user per month


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