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PowerApps makes it easy to fast develop business apps with the functionality you need, as well as expanding or customizing the functionality in the apps you already use.

Easy development of apps

PowerApps consists of a suite of apps, services and data platforms which brings together software services and applications that make it easy to develop new business applications or to customize the business applications you already use.

Point and click functionality makes it easy and fast to build your apps. You can both use one of the many templates that PowerApps makes available or build your own app from scratch.

Customized mobile devices

PowerApps makes it easy and fast to develop apps for Office 365 that are customized mobile devices. You can easily expand the app with different data sources and are not limited to using SharePoint lists.

Build from scratch or use templates

There is more than one way to build PowerApps. You can either choose to start from a user defined list, build your app from a template or build it from scratch with an empty PowerApp. When you have finished your app and saved it, you can choose 'share' after which you are given the opportunity to share the app to individual users or user groups, as well as to send out an email to relevant recipients that the app is complete and available.

To use the newly developed app, the user must download the PowerApps application to their mobile or tablet and log in with their Office 365 account, where the new PowerApp will be ready to download.

Advanced developer extensions

Where other app platforms ends, PowerApps continues. In the platform itself, advanced developer extensions are integrated advanced developer extensions which allow developers to seamlessly expand the app functionality via Azure Functions or to connect to user defined or older systems via custom connectors.


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