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Dynamics NAV 2018

During the fall, the latest version of Navision, NAV 2018, will be released. Here we will follow up on the upcoming solution, therefore this page will also be updated on an ongoing basis.

Better integration and new opportunities

In addition to the improved integration between Dynamics NAV and Office 365, the core application has also been optimized, which means integration of new technology and thus new opportunities.

But also the integration to Power BI has been improved and is no longer limited to NAV's role center.

Ny og forbedret Power BI integration

I NAV 2018 er ud-af-boksen integrationen til Power BI forbedret. Ikke kun på rolle center niveau, men på et mere kontekstuel niveau, bliver Power BI integrationen forbedret på tværs af Dynamics NAV.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive computing is a common term describing the utilization of technology platforms based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). In NAV 2018, it means, among other things, that the solution can analyze an image, such as an item, automatically identify the item on the image and subsequently place this item in a concrete and correct context or category with other related items.

The service can also be used in HR context to analyze an image of an employee which is evaluated and catagorized, for example by gender and age.

Enhanced user interface

The user interface in NAV 2018 is made more user-friendly and is, among other things, improved with graphs, statistics and customer reviews that provide a quick overview of the company.

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