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Thorough Business Analysis

Basically the goal of making a business analysis is that we want to identify the best approach and method to meet your initiatives and achieve your goals.

The start-up phase

In the initial phase, it is primarily important for us to determine the most important question: What problems would you like to solve, what do you want to accomplish and how can we add most value to your company? The answers we find here, is important in the development of the rest of the analysis.

When we have put ourselves to the overall objective, together with your stakeholders we agree on the concrete and specific needs and requirements.

Determination of growth method

With all the requirements established, the next step in the process is to find solutions that fulfill your needs and requirements. This step is probably the most important in the process, as this is where we identify the business processes to be changed, or software solutions to be developed and / or implemented. Here we identify the smartest method to meet your requirements and objectives, and we find the right solution for you. Should such changes apply your business processes, do your existing software require adjustments or is it best to design an entirely new custom made software solution in order to to accommodate your business requirements.

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