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Building and construction

As a successful business in the construction industry, it is important to deliver your projects on time and within the agreed budget. If you as an entrepreneur invests in software and IT solutions, with the expectation that your projects are conducted more efficiently and with higher quality.

Complex industry

The construction industry is known to be complex. It is therefore important that your IT infrastructure supports the complex needs that arise.

Competitive advantage

By choosing the right financial and operational software solution you get a clear competitive advantage that turns out both in project budgeting and execution phases, but most importantly, the acquisition of new and improved software and choosing the right IT partner will appear on company's bottom line.

Positive profit margin

If you want the contractor to run a business in a competitive market, it is necessary to focus on the risks that inevitably is connected by signing contracts. Dynamics NAV helps you so that you will be able to enter into contracts to ensure a positive profit margin.

Customised software solutions

By using Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the construction industry, your organization's operations becomes streamlined and controlled and we will help you to customize your software solutions so they are tailored to your needs.

With Dynamics NAV you are assured of a proven solution that uses the latest technology from Microsoft. Therefore, you are guaranteed a smooth implementation, a familiar user interface and an optimal connection with existing IT investments.

The right software and the optimal partner

By investing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and selecting Active Business Solutions as an IT partner, you are assured of reliable and effective help, and can therefore smoothly and without problems, upgrade your ERP system and always expect support and / or remote support via TeamViewer.

Reduction of costs

Together, these features help you to achieve faster payback, as well as contribute to IT maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Practical experience and understanding

After many years of practical experience, we have acquired an understanding of the challenges that exists in the building and construction industry. Therefore, you are assured of maximum benefits from your IT solutions with us as your partner.

We can help you create an overview of the following areas:


  • Financial
  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Field operations
  • Managing labor costs
  • The project scope changes
  • Material costs
  • Field service work orders
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