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AX or NAV? Get a quick overview

Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX has many aspects in common, but the difference between the two systems are significant. Therefore, it is particularly important that companies choose the right system.

A quick overview

We will always advise you to consult an expert to advise you on which of the two ERP systems that suit your business best, but the table below may help you to get a better understanding of the differences between the two ERP systems.

Basically, we can say that Dynamics AX is a heavy ERP solution targeted primarily to large global enterprise organizations, whereas Dynamics NAV are primarily developed with medium and large enterprises with a certain degree of international presence in mind.



Amount of customers

Developed for large international organizations having organizational challenges with implementation across multiple locations

Used primarily in medium-sized companies wanting to benefit from the powerful technology that enables them to compete with larger organizations as the business expands

Global activities

Supports centralized Master Data Management (MDM) and a range of services. Also allows management of various financial standards

Supports global companies but with a less complex organizational structure

Industry adaptation

Microsoft Dynamics AX is specially designed to handle six specific industries:

∙ Service
∙ Manufacturing
∙ Distribution
∙ Finance
∙ Public
∙ Retail

Flexible and highly adaptable ERP solution that can be adapted to all industries

Manufacturing features

Designed and developed to be a complete solution for the majority of manufacturing companies

Integrated ERP solution designed for separate production. The solution performs various manufacturing processes and executive functions for manufacturing companies


Dynamics AX has a ton of features and therefore requires more decisions during the implementation process, resulting in longer implementation time and increasing implementation costs

The cost of implementation and maintenance of Dynamics NAV is compared to Dynamics AX moderate to low


Today Dynamics AX can both be installed on your own servers or hosted for you

Dynamics NAV can both be installed on your own servers or hosted for you. NAV 2013 is also available in the cloud on Microsoft Azure


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