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ABS Total IT-Platform

Our all-in-one business IT platform includes everything you need to run your business and it's all located on one platform in the cloud.

Know your expenses

With our IT platform it will be administratively easier for you to run your business and you even know your IT costs in advance. This means you are not surprised by suddenly incurred server expenses or similar unexpected IT costs.

In short, you only pay a monthly fee per month per user, but get all the IT functionality you need to run your business and avoid expensive and troublesome administration as we take care of the technical part. You can therefore focus exclusively on your business and you always know your IT costs.

Three advantages of choosing Total IT Platform

Know your IT costs

You pay only the monthly benefit per. user and we take care of the technical part so you can focus on your business and always know your IT costs.


Scalable IT platform

Has the company grown out of the ERP system and is therefore limited in its future development and growth? Then our scalable IT platform is the ideal solution.

Stable and reliable online environment

With your Business Central solution located on Azure, you are guaranteed a stable and reliable online environment where your accounting system is always running and secured.

Live Surveillance    Live Surveillance of D355 BC service

As a unique feature, we monitor that your Business Central service respond satisfactorily. This is your guarantee of as stable operation as possible.

This means, in the unlikely event of an malfunction such as downtime or longer response time, we respond immediately and, in the vast majority of cases, we will solve the problem before you and your employees even experience the malfunction.

Traffic light system Traffic light system

For the live monitoring of your Business Central service, we use a traffic light system. This means that we can not only see if the service is out of order, but also if there is longer response time, malfunction or or something else.

One single IT platform in the cloud

With ABS Total IT Platform you get one package with all the functionality and all the applications you need to run your business. This includes ERP, Business Intelligence, Mail Administration, Server and more.

For example, you get free access to the following services and applications:

Azure icon  Azure
With Azure, you can continuously scale the storage capacity of your data. Compared to a local data center, it is quick and easy to scale up or down your Azure server.

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Business Central icon  Business Central
With Dynamics NAV in the cloud, you are guaranteed a quick deployment and uninterrupted operation and an ERP system that allows your business to grow. Also, you don't need to worry about server administration and backup of data, we'll take care of that.

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Power BI icon   Power BI
Visualize and dive into your data from Business Central. Power BI provides you with insight into your company and knowledge about your business.

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Office 365 icon   Office 365
With Office 365, you get fast, secure, and flexible access to all of the well-known Office applications, as well as a lot of useful tools and services wherever you are and while on the go.

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Outlook icon   Outlook
Microsoft Outlook is much more than just an email client, but includes functionality such as calendar, notes, address book mm. In addition, Outlook also has direct integration to Business Central.

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Learn more about how our IT package can help you save time and money on administration and operations.

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