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Dynamics GP eller Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Software) and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) have a lot in common, but there are differences between the two ERP solutions.

Which ERP system suits your company

Are you uncertain about whether you should choose Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP and which of the two ERP systems that suits the needs of your company? Maybe we can help. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics GP has fundamentally many things in common, but they are not completely identical.

Powerful functionalities

Both ERP solutions include a wide range of effective functionalities that makes it possible to manage the many processes that are necessary for running a modern business.

The two ERP systems also have in common that they are both part of Microsoft's ERP portfolio, which means that they work seamlessly with other Microsoft solutions and systems. Therefore, both of the systems also have a familiar and not least intuitive user interface.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV is extremely well suited for customized solutions and therefore ideal when you need to develop specific functionality for your industry. Dynamics NAV is also particularly suitable if you need a system that can be adapted as your business grows.

Why Dynamics NAV ?:

  • More functionalities than start level accounting systems
  • Supports continued long term growth
  • Ideal for companies operating in an international environment
  • User-friendly and customized user interface through Roletailored ERP
  • Easy to use, customize, and modify
  • Full functionality for manufacturing processes

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP is not as adaptable, but this ERP solution is faster to implement and has many available standard add-ons.

Why Dynamics GP?:

  • More functionalities than start level accounting systems
  • Supports continued long term growth
  • Manages multiple companies or units
  • Supports manufacturing processes
  • Integrated payroll functionality

The differences

However, when deciding which of the two ERP systems thats suit your company best, you need to identify the differences rather than the similarities between the two solutions.

We have selected some of the most remarkable differences below.

Accounting / Financial Management

Includes a wide range of functionalities for financial management and fulfill your specific business needs with improved control and security.

Complete functionality for financial management and a more flexible accounting plan that can trace financial transactions through account dimensions.


You can easily configure and run consolidated accounts.

With Dynamics NAV you get a flexible reporting structure, which means you can deliver results in exactly the way your company requires.

Sales order processing

Includes 'out-of-box' features that enables automated sales order processing with customized Word templates which can be e-mailed to customers and ability to collect line item billing informations for items not in stock.

Invoice for stock and non-stock items. Leverages the flexible reporting tool that helps to create invoices which are based on the company's or customer requirements.


Payroll functionality is an 'out of the box' functionality in Dynamics GP.

Payroll functionality is available through an integrated third-party solution, such as Lessor payroll system.


Has functionality for planning material requirements. Dynamics GP makes it possible to make smarter decisions relating to purchases based on specific requirements and also requisition management capabilities.

Comprehensive functionality of purchasing provides real-time access to order status, inventory, product specification, production plans, requisition management and approval of purchase order.



Dynamics GP has manufacturing functionalities which includes sales forecasting, production costs, quality assurance, administration of technical modifications and administration of claims for capacity planning.

Dynamics NAV can improve the performance of the production from the floor in your store to the bottom line in your account by controlling various areas of the manufacturing process, such as order entry and delivery, material billing, supply and capacity planning, flexible production, version management, demand forecasting, machine parts centers and production planning.

Inventory management

Reduces handling and increases the accuracy in the storage management and ensure the correct inventory is available at the right time.

Achieve maximum utilization of your storage room through tracking of inventory items, reducing the amount of storage products by optimizing the storage, streamlining operations, increased productivity and improved order execution. Dynamics NAV is an ideal ERP solution for inventory management.

Project management

Equipped with a set of functionalities for project management, this ERP solution can help you to control the project's direction, cost and performance.

With support for budgeting and resource management Dynamics NAV is ideal to plan and manage projects. The ERP solution tracks expenses, predicts availability and capacity planning, so that the projects are always completed on time and within budget.

Additional functionality

Additional features and enhanced functions are available through a large network of certified third-party partners.

The source code in Dynamics NAV is available to developers. NAV also has a large network of certified third-party partners working within the software itself.



Dynamics NAV vs Dynamics GP tabel 

Feature / Benefits

 Microsoft Dynamics NAV

 Microsoft Dynamics GP

Can adapt the specific structure and needs of your company


Easy 'Out of the box' installation


A flexible solution that can adapt as your business growths

Compatible with hundreds of additions for business-specific functionality


Role tailored client, a custom interface for each employee

Streamlined Finance / Accounting

Integration with Microsoft Office

Familiar Microsoft user interface

'Out of the box' payroll functionality


 Suitable to be adapted to each specific industry




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