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Business Central support

Our customer support provides ongoing advice and answers to issues related to the daily operations and general use of Business Central, Business Intelligence solutions and our own add-on solutions.

Our customer support:

DK +45 70 23 36 30
NO +47 67 10 53 38

Lines are open between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. And we always responds to desired support within 24 hours.

Customer Support

When we implement a solution you and your employees always receive a basic education that equips you with the skills to self-solve and deal with the issues and situations that might occur, without having to use external consultant service. But we never leave a software system to a company without first making sure that you have the necessary support in case it becomes necessary.

Fast and efficient support

The event of a need for a specific and detailed help for your Business Central ERP solution, we are ready to provide fast and efficient support via phone, email, remote support via remote web connection, we use TeamViewer, or if it is necessary, on-site support where we are sending a consultant to your company. Regardless, we are always ready to provide the help you need, and we can help you to assess what type of support that is best in your situation.

Direct contact

With our customer support you will in direct contact with the consultant who is project manager on your ERP solution. Therefore you are a complex bureaucracy and do not have to go through difficult diversions, to get the help you need. Because our consultants utilize the wide range of knowledge and industry expertise, you get effective and direct results of your queries. Therefore you are guaranteed accurate information and the specific help you need, within a time frame that gives you a limited loss in time and resources.

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