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Continia Payment Management

Send your payments directly from Business Central and achieve a high degree of quality and not least security throughout the payment process.

Submit and approve your payments in a unique payment workflow

Continia Payment Managements allows you to send payments directly from Business Central to your bank's online system. Your payments are approved and sent to the bank in a single workflow, and the moment the payment is made, you will receive a receipt for the transfer.

Increase the security level

The direct communication between Payment Management and the bank means that you have the opportunity to fetch exchange rates, saving your deposit files and bank statements from the bank, as well as loading bank account reconciliation files directly into Business Central. It increases both security and is completely automatic.

By creating direct communication to the bank through Payment Management, the risk of manual errors is minimized and the company's security level is increased.

Unique and automated validation

Both the activity log and the built-in and comprehensive validation engine support and ensure a first-class payment process with a high level of quality.

The unique, fully automated payment workflow includes both checking whether a payment or a type of payment is within the relevant and applicable rules, and whether the relevant rules that apply to the formatting of the fields have been complied with.

The validation means that it is completely safe for you to send payments to the bank.

Get an overview of your payments

A major advantage of Continia Payment Management is that the solution allows you to handle all payments from a single payment journal and with just one posting point, the payment journal, you also have the opportunity to handle payments to several different suppliers in different currencies and from several different bank accounts.

Whether you only have one single bank account and few suppliers, or whether you have several bank accounts and many suppliers both domestically and abroad, it does not matter, no matter what, with Payment Management you always have an overview of the company's payments.

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