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Navision Attain | Version 3.01 - 3.60

In 2001, Navision Financials was re-branded and instead the ERP solution was called for Navision Attain.

Navision Attain, re-branding of Financials

Navision Attain was a cost-effective business solution that built on and expanded on the strong foundation that was founded by Navision Financials was re-branded.

Navision was characterized by simplicity, had adaptability and was relatively easy to use.

CRM, tool for specialized customer care

This version also delivered a new financial management and multilingual capabilities, plus an integrated functionality to support the cooperation in the supply chain, customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce and service management. With Navision Attain the companies in a quick and efficient manner realized their full potential and expanded their business.

Updating of online data

Navision Attain also contained new functionalities which could help companies streamline administrative tasks on a daily basis and used the Internet to respond quickly and effectively to new revenue opportunities. With Navision Attain users could at the same time continuously update the online data

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