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Outlook is much more than just an email client, but consists of various features such as Calendar, Notes, Journal and Address Book. These services are designed to work with Microsoft Exchange Server. The ability to work across the services creates a number of benefits, not least for businesses.

Create groups

In Outlook, you can create groups where you can discuss, collaborate and share files and notes with your colleagues.

Share files in the cloud

From OneDrive and OneDrive For Business, you can share and upload files and documents without having to leave Outlook. The recipients of the file or document  have  automatic access to the latest version.

Outlook Mobile app

Only one inbox
With the Outlook app, it is now possible to settle with only one email that retrieves emails from other email services, such as Yahoo and Gmail, so you get all your messages in one place without having to switch between the different applications.

Schedule your email
Set up the client so messages return to your inbox at a later date, it may be a couple of hours or a few days. That way, you'll never forget to reply or follow up on an important email.

Attach files
Outlook makes it easy to manage email attachments from multiple sites. You can then share files from OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts without having to leave Outlook.

Outlook and Business Central / Dynamics NAV

Business Central / Dynamics NAV has a number of Office functionalities. The integration provides a better and more productive experience for the users.

The integration also means that users no longer have to switch back and forth between the two applications, which in itself saves users a lot of time.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Since OCR was introduced in Dynamics NAV, it has been possible to automatically post invoices and other documents without having to manually enter data.

In Business Central / Dynamics NAV, you can from an e-mail send documents to the OCR that have attached one or more documents.

Outlook calender and Business Central / Dynamics NAV
In the Jobs module you can automatically move information from Jobs to your Outlook calendar.

Calendar appointments are an integral part of the add-on where you can schedule appointments with customers in your calendar and then see who you have performed a service for and how long it took. You can then invoice from the calendar agreement.


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