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Business Central Cloud

Business Central Cloud is an online-based all-in-one business management application that connects your business. Business Central Cloud is designed for small and medium-sized companies who need an efficient ERP solution that is easy to use, but also has customization options without these necessarily have to be expensive special customizations.

Business management for small and medium-sized companies

With Business Central Cloud you get all the functionality you need to run your business in one single solution in the cloud. This means that the solution covers all basic business areas incl. finance, warehousing, sales and production.

With Business Central Cloud you get:

  • Business solution in the cloud
  • Continuous and automatic updates to the latest version
  • Naturally integrated with the familiar Office 365 applications
  • Has built-in functionality for managing personal data (GDPR)
  • Out-of-box integration to Power BI
  • Flexible access so you can access the solution - even when on the go.
  • Work from several types of devices, mobile, tablet or PC

With Business Central you get a complete overview of your company and insight into its business processes. In addition to managing your company's finances, Microsoft's cloud ERP application also allows for greater visibility across the supply chain, optimization of sales processes, enhancement of revenue growth, better service for your customers, better budget and project management, optimization of the overall operation so your products reach the customer on time and not least minimize the company's costs.

No more expensive updating projects

Large updates of the ERP system can be both expensive and difficult, but with a Business Central Cloud subscription you no longer need to fear expensive and complicated updates. Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud is updated continuously several times a year, completely automatically. Therefore, you also know that you are always running on the latest version without any additional costs.

Know your ERP expenses

With the subscription model, you only pay a monthly fee per. user. This means that you always know your ERP expenses and therefore don't have to worry about operating costs or expenses associated with upgrades.

Same functionality

The Cloud version of Business Central offers virtually the same functionality as the on-premise edition, but there are still big differences between the two versions. For even though Business Central Cloud offers the same functionality for finance, warehousing, purchasing, sales, HR, CRM, service, project, production, etc. as the on-premise version of Business Central, there is still a big difference in whether you choose cloud or on-premise version.

  • Business Central Cloud is only available as a web client. This means that you log on to the application via your web browser and have to do without the Windows desktop client.
  • The Cloud version can only be hosted through Microsoft Azure data centers. You do not have the opportunity, as with the on-premise version, to decide whether you want to store your data elsewhere.
  • You pay for the solution through a subscription model which means you pay a monthly license per. user. This means that you do not buy the solution but instead rent it. You can also do this with the on-premise edition, but with this version you also have the opportunity to buy the solution so that you only pay once.
  • In the cloud version, all adjustments are made as Extensions. That is, add-ins to the standard program, which add functionality to the application rather than correcting in the basic code which you don't have access to in the cloud version of Business Central. This means that if you want to make real adjustments in the application, you have to choose the on-premise version.
  • Microsoft automatically updates the cloud version. It is not possible to postpone or opt out of these updates in the cloud version of Business Central.
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