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Business Central 24 2024 release wave 1

Twice a year Microsoft releases a new version of Dynamics 365 Business Central. The new versions are launched in connection with the Dynamics 365 release wave upgrades, where the new functions are rolled out from April to October and from October to April. As part of Dynamics 365 2024 release wave 1, Microsoft will release Business Central 24 in April with, among other things, optimization of the AI capacity Copilot, improved integration to Power Platform, improved service administration and financial management, optimized performance and security and more.

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Business Central - everything you need in one solution

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive all-in-one business management application developed by Microsoft and part of the Dynamics 365 business platform. Business Central is designed for small and medium-sized companies, but can in practice be used by all types of companies, regardless of size and industry. With Business Central, you have an effective tool to automate, streamline and monitor a wide range of different business processes in your company, including financial management, supply chain management (SCM), manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, HR, project management, service, sales and more.

Business Central is known for having a high degree of scalability and adaptability, which means you don't have to worry about your business outgrowing the solution. Through the implementation of apps from independent software vendors (ISVs), also called extensions, which are easily downloaded from the AppStore, it is easy to adapt Business Central to the unique business needs of the individual company, specific industry or regional requirements.

With a fast implementation process and user-friendly configuration and user interface, as a user you clearly feel that Microsoft with Business Central prioritizes simplicity in product design, development, implementation and user-friendliness.

What's new in Business Central 24 2024 release wave 1

With Business Central 24, which Microsoft releases in connection with the Dynamics 365 2024 release wave 1 upgrade wave, it is clear that Microsoft has once again prioritized optimizing Copilot, which means that the AI capabilities in the new version of Business Central are raised to the next level. By enhancing the AI-based Copilot, Business Central enables users to optimize their work processes and work more efficiently, speeding up task completion.

Already, GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio Code has improved developer productivity, and no doubt further improvements and new innovation will come to these top-tier development tools for AL developers. In addition, Microsoft has made it easier for developers to enrich application metadata with more detail, improving the Copilot experience.

With the many new functions and new options Microsoft introduces with Business Central 24, it becomes even easier for companies to conduct business efficiently and flexibly.

The solution provides the ability to automate a number of regulatory tasks and helps the business stay compliant with various government regulations. In this way, Business Central contributes to ensuring that you, as a manager and decision-maker, can keep the focus on the primary business.

As always, ease of use is also in focus, and with Business Central 24, efficiency is increased with choice-conscious and context-based actions.

Overview of Business Central 24 2024 release wave 1

With Dynamics 365 2024 Release Wave 1 and the release of Business Central 24, Dynamics 365 Business Central is enhanced in a number of areas, including:

Faster adaptation with Power Platform

To simplify the setup of workflows in Business Central, Microsoft introduces with Business Central 24 even more templates that out of the box support more business scenarios. This enhancement allows you to automate even more business processes, increasing the efficiency and productivity of Business Central users.

Application Improvements

In Dynamics 365 2024 Release Wave 1, Microsoft has significantly improved the project and service management capabilities of Business Central. In addition, the area of finance and financial management has been improved with an optimization of the consolidation experience.

Country and regions

By expanding the global reach of Business Central, the application is now available to businesses in over 155 countries and regions.

Improvements for developers

Microsoft continues to invest in areas that improve the productivity of developers working with GitHub, Visual Studio Code, and the AppSource marketplace. They also add new code refactoring capabilities that provide an easy path to functional and performance testing and ISV and custom code with AL GO to GitHub.

Management and administration

Microsoft is introducing additional self-service capabilities for Business Central that allow administrators to manage access to environments in greater detail. Critical administrator actions can now be audited using the Microsoft 365 Audit Log, which offers robust capabilities to strengthen data protection through customer-managed encryption keys and Azure Lockbox.


With Dynamics 365 2024 release wave 1, Microsoft introduces in Business Central 24 capabilities for accessing VAT dates when you preview the results of posting transactions. Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1 also introduces the Sustainability Journal, which will help you with sustainability reporting.

Analysis of data and reporting

With Business Central 24, Microsoft is adding more options to Analysis mode, and in the new version, Power BI and Excel layouts will be operational and ready to use.

Service and platform

With a focus on high availability, increased performance, improved stability, optimized resource management, as well as better security and compliance, Microsoft has also invested in the basic service in Business Central in this version.


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