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News 2018

Here you can read news about Dynamics NAV and other business related news in 2018. Not least, we continuously follow the latest version of Navision, Dynamics NAV 2018.

23. December 2018

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

After another good and eventful year, which offered both exciting challenges and projects, we once again thank customers and business partners.

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21. December 2018

Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central

The latest version of Dynamics NAV did not become NAV 2019, but instead Business Central On-premise. This means that if you want the latest NAV functionality, you need to upgrade to Business Central.

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28. November 2018

Power BI-Business Central as data source

Make reports in Power BI with data from Business Central and gain insight into your business and an overview of your company.

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30. October 2018

New name and new license model

Dynamics NAV has changed its name and is now named Dynamics 365 Business Central (On-premise). But it's not just the name that's new, also the way the solution is licensed is changed.

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23. October 2018

What is RPA?

In short, RPA is a term for software robots, and not physical robots as we know it from the manufacturing industry, that mimics and subsequently performs a particular employee's administrative tasks.

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09. October 2018

Handling sensitive data in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 contains a number of tools which makes it easier to manage sensitive data and thus meet the requirements of the EU Personal Data Regulation GDPR.

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03. October 2018


There are many advantages of an ERP system, also when it comes to meeting the new regulations that are part of the GDPR Regulation.

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24. September 2018

Dynamics 365 Business Central October update

In October comes the update, or new release, to Business Central, which, in addition to a number of improvements in the application, means that Dynamics NAV will be included as the on-premise version of Business Central, which will no longer be a cloud only application.

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31. August 2018

Will Dynamics 365 Business Central be the leading cloud ERP application?

With the inclusion of Dynamics NAV, much suggests that Business Central will be the leading ERP application on the market.

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24. August 2018

CRM vs. ERP - What's the difference?

ERP and CRM have ultimately the same objective, to increase the company's profitability, but works differently.  An understanding of the systems can therefore make a decisive contribution to optimizing the operation of your business.

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13. July 2018

Business Central Benefits

Microsoft has extensive experience in developing ERP and much suggests thar their latest application, Business Central, will be a success.

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13. July 2018

Have a nice summer!

We wish all our customers and business partners a good, relaxing and not least sunny summer!

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04. July 2018

This is why your business needs ERP

For a smaller start-up company, an ERP system may seem to be a disproportionate and unnecessary investment, but for a company with growth aspirations it will often be worthwhile to make the investment in time.

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19. June 2018

Standard Dynamics NAV

In many cases, a standard ERP solution would be preferable instead of specialized and complex and customized industry solutions.

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14. June 2018

What about Dynamics 365 Business Edition?

What will the recent launch of Business Central mean for Dynamics 365 Business Edition?

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05. June 2018

Will there be a Dynamics NAV 2019?

Much suggests that that NAV 2018 will be the last in the series of versions of Microsofts ERP solution Dynamics NAV.

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22. May 2018

Upgarde to NAV 2018

In the wake of the launch of Business Central, many will probably hesitate to update to NAV 2018, but there are many benefits by upgrading to the latest version of Navision.

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07. May 2018

Ecommerce for Business Central

Dynamicweb's effective e-commerce solution is now also available for Microsoft's latest ERP platform Business Central.

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26. April 2018

Business Central, the future Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV turns into Business Central, but is it more than just a name change?

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09. April 2018

D365 Business Central vs Dynamics NAV

Business Central and Dynamics NAV feature roughly the same functionality, but there are differences between the two solutions.

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26. March 2018

Dynamics 365 Business Central, what now?

It's spring and the launch of Microsoft's latest ERP application in the cloud, now officially named Business Central, is now approaching.

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28. January 2018

ERP misunderstandings

Whether it concerns the need for customization, how the solution is implemented or the actual benefits, there are many misunderstandings about the ERP.

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17. January 2018

Blockchain and ERP

Does Blockchain become part of the ERP systems and if so, what influence will the new technology have?

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09. January 2018

Predictions for Dynamics in 2018

2018 will undoubtedly be influenced by Microsoft's ambition to continue to move their business applications to the cloud. In addition, it will be interesting to follow technologies such as AI and blockchain and their potential impact on the ERP systems.

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