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Business Central related news 2023

On this page, during 2023, you can read news within our business areas as well as the solutions and applications we work with and are resellers of, not least the apps that make up the business platforms Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

04 October 2023

Power Platform 2023 release wave 2

In October, the rollout of Power Platform Release Wave 2 will begin in 2023, with Microsoft releasing hundreds of improvements and new features to the apps that make up Power Platform.

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15 September 2023

Which financial system should I choose?

Before you decide which financial system to choose for your business, you should make yourself aware of which functions you need, both now and in the long term.

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30 August 2023

Microsoft AI

AI technology is rapidly developing and as one of the leading players in AI, Microsoft has already introduced AI functions in several of their apps and services. We've taken a closer look at some of Microsoft's AI capabilities.

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18 August 2023

Business Central 23 / 2023 wave 2

As part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 release wave 2 in 2023, Microsoft will release Business Central 23 in October with, among other things, introducing improvements to the AI-driven Dynamics 365 Copilot, better integration to the Power Platform, new supply chain features, optimized performance and much more.

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04 July 2023

Summer 2023

It's high season for summer holidays and we wish all customers and business partners a great summer.

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26 June 2023

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Fabric, which is an all-in-one data analytics solution consisting of a wide range of AI analysis services gathered in one place.

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08 June 2023

Analyze list data in Business Central

In Business Central 22, which was released in conjunction with Dynamics 365 Release Wave 1 in 2023, Microsoft has introduced a brand new feature called 'Data Analysis Mode'. This feature gives data analysts and users a whole new way to analyze list data in Business Central without the need to run a report or open the page in another application.

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02 June 2023

AI in Power BI

Also in the business intelligence (BI) application Power BI, Microsoft has added AI capabilities. That's why you can now use AI insights to access pre-trained machine learning models that will improve your data preparation and give you deeper insights into your data.

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16 May 2023

A part of the Microsoft family

One of the major advantages of Business Central is that the solution is part of the Microsoft family, and can therefore easily be integrated into other Microsoft business apps, not least the applications that make up the business platforms Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Microsoft 365.

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01 May 2023

New features in Business Central 22 release wave 1 in 2023

We have taken a closer look at some of the new features in Business Central 22, which were released with Dynamics 365 release batch 1 in 2023, including Master Data Management, new functions in statistical accounts and the options provided with the improved Power Platform integration.

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21 April 2023

Copilot i Microsoft 365

With Copilot in Microsoft 365, Microsoft will soon add generative AI capabilities to all the well-known office apps that make up Microsoft 365, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams.

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29 March 2023

Copilot i Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the addition of Copilot, you get AI-powered interactive assistance in all the apps that make up Dynamics 365, including Business Central.

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22 March 2023

AL Explorer in Visual Studio Code

With the upcoming Dynamics 365 release wave 1 in 2023 upgrade wave, Microsoft introduces AL Explorer for Visual Studio Code. This adds a number of new opportunities for Business Central consultants and developers.

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08 March 2023

Power Platform 2023 release wave 1

As part of Power Platform release wave 1 in 2023, Microsoft will release hundreds of new features and capabilities for the business apps that make up Microsoft Power Platform in April. Get an overview of the many new functions and possibilities.

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02 February 2023

Business Central 2023 release wave 1

As part of Dynamics 365 2023 release wave 1, Microsoft will release a new version of Business Central in April. Get an overview of the many new functions and options in Business entral 22.

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26 January 2023

New Power Automate actions

Microsoft har tilføjet nye Power Automate handlinger til håndtering af billeder og vedhæftninger i Business Central.

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14 January 2023

Business Central 2023

Although the 2022 launch wave 2 continues until April this year, Microsoft has already unveiled the new capabilities and features that will be introduced to Business Central in 2023.

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12 January 2023

Microsoft raises its cloud prices

On April 1, 2023, Microsoft will raise the prices for all its cloud licenses. For European countries, this will mean that prices will rise by 11 percent. The prices will also be reassessed twice a year from now on.

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