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Microsoft Fabric ‒all-in-one AI analytics

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Fabric, an all-in-one data analytics solution that connects all your data sources and analytics services on a single platform built on modern AI technology. With Fabric, you can rethink the way you access, manage and act on your business data and insights. Build the foundation for future data analytics with Microsoft Fabric.

Comprehensive analysis platform based on AI

With Fabric, Microsoft provides a comprehensive analytics platform, consisting of a number of services that include data lake, data engineering and data integration, all gathered centrally in one place.

You will therefore avoid putting together different services from several software suppliers and will instead experience a deeply integrated and user-friendly end-to-end product designed to simplify your data analysis and administration needs.

Centralize data

Centralize your data

With Fabric, you have the opportunity to establish an open data lake-centric hub that helps your data developers connect and organize data that often originates from widely disparate data sources. In addition to getting rid of clutter in your data, you can also create customized views for all employees.

Powerful AI models

Manage powerful AI models

Gain faster analytics by developing AI models on a single foundation with no data movement – reducing the amount of time data scientists need to deliver value.

Data insight

Empower your employees

Quickly achieve innovation and new thinking among your employees, by allowing them to act on insights from the apps that make up Microsoft 365, for example Excel and Teams.

Secure dataadministration

Manage your data across the company

By using an open and scalable data solution, you can create a connection between employees and data. With built-in security, governance and compliance, Fabric gives your data controllers additional control over corporate data.

Rethink the way your employees use data


Manage business data on a single AI-based analytics platform that helps employees and teams create competitive advantage from your data, including:

Saml data et sted

Collect data in one place

Aggregate data from different sources and platforms into a single, centralized repository built to be efficient, simple and consistent.

Understøt dataanalyse i hele virksomheden

Support data analytics across the enterprise

With Fabric, you can deliver a suite of customized analysis tools for all business roles in the company, helping the individual employee to independently create insight into data in real time.

Afdæk helt ny indsigt med copilot-funktionaliteter

Uncover completely new insights with copilot functionalities

Using a variety of AI capabilities available with Copilot in Microsoft Fabric, you can quickly get interpretations of your data, as well as create Azure OpenAI experiences.

Foren dine dataanalysetjenester

Unify your data analytics services

Connect and consolidate your cloud and analytics services on an open, managed and scalable AI-powered foundation.

Transparent og fleksibel fakturering

Transparent and flexible invoicing

Simplify and streamline your cost management with billing entities that help your business understand and track service usage. In addition, each solution is paid for on a single bill.

Please note
Microsoft Fabric is currently only available in a so-called preview version. Therefore, you should be aware that the information on this page concerns a product that may be significantly changed when it is released.

Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Fabric

Below you can find answers to some of the questions you may have about Microsoft Fabric. If you do not find an answer to the question you have, you are very welcome to contact us.

What is Microsoft Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric is a comprehensive AI analytics solution for enterprises. Fabric covers everything from data movement to data science, real-time analysis and Business Intelligence.

Why Microsoft Fabric?

With Microsoft Fabric, you get several deeply integrated AI analysis solutions on one platform. This means that you do not need to put together different solutions from several IT suppliers, but have everything together in one place, and can smoothly prepare your data for a new age of artificial intelligence.

How much does Microsoft Fabric cost?

It depends a lot on your business needs and data volumes. We recommend that you contact your Microsoft partner for more information on prices and licensing.

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