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Continia Collection Management

Manage your collections and Direct Debit agreements directly from Business Central, thus avoiding having to log in to your online bank first.

Automate your collection and invoice workflow

With Continia Collection Management, you get a complete customer collection application that manages credit notes and customer collections directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central. With Collection Management, you get a clear overview of all the company's paid and unpaid collections.

Collection Management works by sending collections to the bank digitally, after which the bank handles the notification and collection through direct communication with Collection Management. The collection and payment status is then updated.

Agreement administration

Agreement management supported by requesting changes to payment agreements is included in Collection Management and you can also handle information about changes or termination of agreements. If you want to exchange agreement information, it must be processed in a template, which you have the opportunity to edit before it is sent to the bank.

Collection across borders

When you create an order, invoice or credit note, each customer's preferred billing system is registered and added. You can change this collection method manually on each specific sales document, for example in connection with cash sales.

For companies selling their goods abroad, it can in many cases be a resource-intensive task to manage collections across national borders. If you have many different collection solutions and several currencies, it can be cumbersome and stressful to handle collections internationally.

Since all your charges are handled solely by a single application, the administration of your international charges is made much easier and simpler with Continia Collection Management.

In Europe, Continia Collection Management supports SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Direct Debit charges in euros as well as credit card charges and refunds of cross-border payments.

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