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Dynamics NAV on Azure

The benefits of moving your company's data on the cloud are numerous and well documented, but for many companies, cloud computing is no longer something you talk about, it is a reality. Dynamics NAV can now be purchased as a cloud solution.

Flexible ERP system

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is both known for its flexibility and its many applications. At the same time the ERP solution is one of the most widespread on the market. Regarding flexibility and use the system has the same features whether it is local, as part of your company's IT system, or located online in the cloud. Therefore, your decision whether your business should choose an online or local solution mainly be based on how you want to manage the cost of your software.

From capital to operating costs

By selecting a Cloud solution you pay regularly to your ERP software partner. Your expenses is also limited to the number of users using the solution. In this way, your ERP solution becomes an operating expense rather than a capital expense and your expenses becomes transparent, measurable and verifiable.

Reduced IT Infrastructure and Resources

By performing and operate Dynamics NAV professionally, the solution will help you run your business effectively while increasing productivity throughout your company. However, companies that choose a local implementation, necessarily, have their own IT resources to operate and maintain the system. These resources includes hardware, such as a server to run the system on, and in-house IT expertise. For many companies that have these resources this is the optimal solution. For other companies it is a better solution to outsource the entire IT infrastructure that Dynamics NAV runs on.

Cloud or local location?

ERP software on the cloud may be the right choice for many companies, but whether it is right for you is very much up to your needs, your business and the way you do business. Studies however, shows that many companies who have their ERP system placed locally in the future are considering a Cloud solution. Before you decide whether your company choosing a cloud or local solution, we recommend that you discuss it with a certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner as Active Business Solutions. Here you can discuss your options and we can recommend which solution is best for your business.





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