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Business Central versions

Although Business Central is a relatively new solution, at least by name, it already has several version numbers behind it. Here you can get an overview of the different versions of Business Central released so far.

From Pc Plus to Business Central

Business Central is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and one of the world's most widely used ERP systems and there is a good reason for that. The system has a long history behind it and has therefore been tested and built up and improved over many years. The story behind Business Central stretches all the way back to the 80s, where the character-based MS-DOS accounting solution Pc Plus saw the light of day. Pc Plus later became Navigator, which became Navision and was eventually acquired by Microsoft, where the solution became part of Microsoft Business Solutions and relaunched under the name Dynamics NAV. In 2018, Microsoft Dynamics rebranded Dynamics NAV and the solution now goes by the name Business Central.

On our Dynamics NAV version page you will find a description of all the versions from Pc Plus to NAV 2018. On this page you will find descriptions of the Business Central pages.

The version numbers of Business Central

For the ordinary users of Business Central, it is not so important to know the different version numbers, basically the most important thing is that you are always on the latest version, but as a developer it is important to know the different version numbers, for example in connection with troubleshooting, development and upgrades.


April | Business Central 24


Oktober | Business Central 23

April | Business Central 22


Oktober | Business Central 21

April | Business Central 20


October | Business Central 19

April | Business Central 18


October | Business Central 17

April | Business Central 16


October | Business Central 15

April | Business Central 14


October | Business Central 13

April | Business Central 12





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