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Business Central 19 / 2021 release wave 2

As we saw with this year's first Dynamics 365 upgrade wave which was rolled out in April, with this upgrade of Business Central, Microsoft also have a special focus on helping new as well as existing users to get to productive use faster.

Comprehensive business application

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business application developed by Microsoft that is both user-friendly and rich in functionality. Business Central is available at a price range which even small businesses can also afford, but the functionality is at the same time so extensive that the solution is also suitable for large organizations. Business Central can thus be used by all companies and easily scaled as, for example, a small company expands its business.

Easy Business Central upgrades

Since the launch of Business Central, there have been two annual upgrades each year. These upgrades are launched as part of the big Dynamics 365 upgrade waves. Since it is no longer possible to make changes to the Business Central basic code, upgrades are carried out easy and smooth and for the cloud version of Business Central completely automatically. Therefore, you no longer have to deal with the big upgrade projects you may have been used to with Dynamics NAV. Apart from any consulting hours, upgrades of Business Central are also completely free.

Overview of Business Central 2021 Release Wave 2

The next big Dynamics 365 upgrade wave is coming in October, where upgrades of all the business applications that make up Dynamics 365, including Business Central, will be launched. The next version of Business Central will have version number 19.

Get to productive use quickly with Business Central

With Business Central 19 / 2021 Release Wave 2, Microsoft is very much focused on helping users, whether new or existing users, get to productive use faster. The solution's built-in guides will cover even more standard entities with the aim of improving onboarding for even more business roles.

Better integration with Microsoft 365

By adding additional functionality to the Business Central and Microsoft Teams user experience, Microsoft is also continuing their 'Better with Microsoft 365' investment.

Regional expansion

Last but not least, the rapid expansion to even more countries and regions continues. With 2021 Release Wave 1, Business Central was added to 13 new countries and regions and with 2021 Release Wave 2, it is expected that Microsoft will once again expand availability, this time to a further 10 countries and regions.

Examples of improvements in Business Central 19 / 2021 Release Wave 2

Below we have highlighted some examples of the improvements we will see in the upcoming version of Business Central:

  • Administration
    With 2021 Release Wave 2 comes completely new opportunities to simplify and optimize the way Business Central partners manage their tenants. This means, for example, new user experiences for managing licenses and permits.
  • Application enhancements
    With Business Central 19 you will get better and more thorough explanations and guidance on errors caused by problems in posting setup and dimensions. Application enhancements of functionality in reporting, bank reconciliation and supply chain management also help users increase productivity.
  • Better integration with Microsoft 365
    With the upcoming version of Business Central, you will have the opportunity to share a record from the browser client in Microsoft Teams.
  • Expansion of countries and regions
    The rapid expansion continues with more than 10 new countries and regions in this release wave.
  • New developer opportunities
    Microsoft continues to provide new capabilities and functionality for Business Central developers.
  • Management and administration
    2021 Release Wave 2 adds additional operating capabilities to the Operation log section of the Business Central admin center.
  • Modern clients
    The visibility of cross-departmental reports is improved and made more manageable by applying a filter to the links displayed in Role Explorer.
  • Onboarding
    Built-in user guides will cover even more standard entities and will thus support the introduction of additional business roles. A new help window allows users to get unblocked faster if they experience a problem.
  • Performance, service and platform
    Efforts to improve the efficiency and performance of Business Central are also continuing with 2021 Release Wave 2.
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