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Business Central Project Management

Business Central provides project management functionality that enables you to plan and manage the many project activities within the pre-established financial framework and deadlines. With the right project management solution, your projects are completed on time and within budget.

What is project management?

The term Project Management covers the practices and workflows that make up the process of starting, planning, executing, controlling and closing the work in connection with a project in the company. The purpose and the primary challenge is to achieve the pre-determined projectobjectives and to meet specific success criteria within the specified time and budget.

Manage your projects with Business Central

Business Central provides functionality that enables you to perform all the usual types of project management tasks, such as job configuration and resource planning, as well as providing all the information needed to control and manage budgets and monitor ongoing progress. By using time sheets, you also have the opportunity to track the amount of work hours for both your employees and machines on the project.

A nuanced overview of your projects

As a project manager, Business Central gives you a nuanced overview, not only of the individual jobs, but also of the distribution of employees, machines and other resources used in projects. An overview that is essential for creating profitability in a project-based company.

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