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Navision Financials | Version 1.00 - 2.60

This version was the first Microsoft Windows 32-bit client / server platform based management software from Navision.

Made for Windows 95

It was very important for Navision Sofware A/S that this version of their ERP system had the "Made for Windows 95" logo.

Navision Financials is actually the first accounting solution to receive that logo.


Windows 95 logo


The user interface in the solution is also very similar to MS Office and Navision Financials are used by Microsoft partners to show Windows 95.

SQL (Structured Query Language) in Navision

It was also in this version that it was allowed to use the programming language SQL (Structured Query Language) in Navision.

In 2000, Navision Financials received Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Certification and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server certification.

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