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Continia Document Capture

Are you looking for methods or solutions that can help you reduce or completely eliminate time-consuming and cumbersome manual data entries and thus optimize the efficiency of your business? Then Continia Document Capture is the perfect solution. With Document Capture, you get a user-friendly and fully Business Central integrable solution for managing and automating your documents.

What is a document capture application?

A document capture application is a solution that allows you to automate the manual processes when scanning paper documents or importing electronic documents. Such solutions are particularly useful for purposes in relation to document classification and retrieval.

Document management directly in Business Central

The document capture application Continia Document Capture, is one of the most comprehensive document administration for Business Central solutions on the market. With this solution, Continia has developed an efficient add-on app for scanning documents and invoices directly from Business Central.

Continia's document management solution provides functionality for automatically registering your documents as well as OCR data extraction and even advanced authentication workflows. With Continia Document Capture, you also get a digital archive that lets you search in full text, so you can easily search all your imported documents.

The ability to optimize and automate the workflows in relation to document management in the company is of great value, as it minimizes the risk of human errors and saves your employees valuable time. As a Business Central user, it is also a significant advantage that Continia Document Capture is fully integrated with the Dynamics 365 applications, so you can efficiently handle all vendor and debtor payment transactions in one single solution.

Why Continia Document Capture?

With Continia's unique document management tool, the cumbersome and time-consuming process of document registration becomes streamlined and automated. Invoices and other documents are analyzed automatically and data is read and scanned easily.

Not least for Business Central users, Continia Document Capture is a must. It is an effective tool and developed specifically for working with Dynamics 365 Business Central, which makes the app a document management solution you will not get around if you are a Business Central user.

Continia Document Capture is the ideal tool to speed up the company's invoice approval process and in the application you can see who is currently approving documents in the system. The solution also allows you to access an updated overview of all invoices that are awaiting approval.

Benefits of Continia Document Capture

  • Be completely free of cumbersome manual registration and handling of your documents
  • Achieve an efficient and streamlined processing and registration of your documents
  • Achieve a greater degree of security and minimize the amount of errors
  • Search for your archived documents –easily and quickly
  • Become geographically independent. The external employees can also see documents

If you want to know more about Continia Document Capture and how your company can gain benefits and benefit from the application, you are welcome to contact us.


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