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Office 365

With an Office 365 subscription, you get quick, safe and flexible access to all the familiar Office applications. Additionally, the subscription provides access to a lot of useful tools and services and since all the applications are located in the cloud, you can access the complete software package from wherever you are.

Efficient and flexible access to the applications you use most in your everyday life

Office 365 consists of all the well-known Office applications, such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint. In addition, Office 365 consists of several tools that together make the company's workflow and business more efficient. Office 365 is purchased on a subscription basis and all applications are located in the cloud. In other words, Office 365 gives you freedom to access your documents and mails wherever you are.

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Today, flexibility is one of the most important parameters for running a successful business. For many, it is extremely important to always have access to mails and documents, no matter where they are or what devices they use. Online accessibility has thus become an important competitive parameter. Since all data is located in the cloud, Office 365 is ideal for businesses for whom full access to documents, files and mails is crucial.

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Dynamics NAV integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is directly linked to Office 365, which allows users to review, analyze and share data with relevant colleagues within the company. And with the new enhanced user interface, Office 365 more manageable and user friendly and works seamlessly and effortlessly across all solutions.

Ongoing upgrade included

Since all new upgrades are included in the Office 365 subscription, you do not have to worry about whether your Office applications are outdated.

Never miss an opportunity

Less time on administration, more time for work
Instead of spending time maintaining and keeping applications updated, you can instead focus on your business.

Always updated to latest version
Office 365 keeps your applications updated so you always work with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Accessibility to your files
Your files are automatically saved online. Therefore, you always have access to them and can edit and share the latest version, wherever you are and from which device you are using.

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