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Microsoft Power BI

Power BI provides you with a number of analysis tools that together give you an overview of your business and an indispensable insight into your business. Monitor your company's current state through dashboards, create interactive reports and access data while on the move through mobile applications.

User-friendly Business Intelligence

Power BI is part of Power Platform and Microsoft's cloud-based BI solution that delivers a complete self-service BI solution designed to analyze and visualize data across your entire business. With the help of brand new analyzes in Power BI, all employees at all levels in the company will be better able to make qualified decisions.

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Transform information into insights

With Power BI, your data can easily and quickly be converted to information and insight, on which you can base future decisions and strategies. Collect and prepare data and perform effective and manageable reports in just a few minutes and create a knowledge culture in your company that is based on data.

In short, Power BI makes it easier for you as a user to access the company's data and create different visuals and thus better insight into your business. All you need is a basic understanding of your data, and you have the ability to create reports to build intuitive and shareable dashboards.

Self-service analyzes at company level

Get rid of the cost burdens, complexity and security risks associated with multiple related solutions by running Power BI which is a single solution analytics platform that can be easily scaled and therefore used by both individuals and businesses.

Smart analysis tools and reliable results

Once you gain the important insight into Power BI, you can share it across the enterprise with a wide range of data visualizations, built-in AI functionality, close integration with Excel, and pre-developed and custom data connectors.

Create security around your analysis data

With Power BI you get an analysis tool that delivers leading classification in relation to sensitive data, security around your data as well as properties to prevent data loss. In this way, you create security around your data and ensure that you comply with the specified standards and regulations - even when they are exported.

Power BI prices and license

Power BI is offered in three versions - Free, Pro and Premium. Which version to choose depends entirely on what functionality and options you need.

Power BI Free

The free version of Power BI is used to create content. With the free Power BI Desktop tool in the free version of Power BI, you have the ability to create reports as well as prepare, model and create data visualizations.

Power BI Free / $0

Power BI Pro

This version can be further used to publish and share content. In other words, with Power BI Pro, you can collaborate with your colleagues across the enterprise, model your data, create content, share your dashboards with colleagues, release reports and perform ad hoc analytics.

  • User-friendly, self-service and leading BI in the cloud
  • Opportunity for collaboration, publishing, sharing and ad hoc analysis
  • Fully managed by Microsoft

Power BI Pro / $9.99 per user/month

Power BI Premium

Read and interact with pre-published dashboards and reports with either a per-user Power BI Pro license or a Power BI Premium license for large databases.

  • Enterprise Business Intelligence, big data analysis, on-premise and cloud reporting
  • Functionality for advanced administration and implementation control
  • Dedicated calculation of cloud and storage resources
  • Allows all types of users to consume Power BI content

Power BI Premium / kr 31,435,50 pr. month per. user

Industry Solutions

All industries generate huge amounts of data every day, but how can this data be used to create an overview of your industry? In Power BI you will find a number of industry solutions that allow you to combine data and find new industry insights and knowledge that can be shared across the company.

Mobile BI (Business Intelligence)

With Power BI app you get mobile access to your critical business information stored in your Office 365 account.

Monitor the custom overviews and reports in Power BI while on the go and seamlessly manage your data via the Power BI application. So you can stay up-to-date and gain important insights that enable you to act on events on time. Of course, you can share your reports and dashboards with your team and colleagues.

Quick implementation

Reduce costs associated with the implementation process and simplify administration. Power BI is implemented and managed in the same way as Office 365 and other Microsoft services.

FAQ about Power BI

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Business Intelligence solution and a cloud-based data visualization and sharing environment developed by Microsoft. Power BI was originally developed in 2010 under the name Project Crescent and made publicly available in 2011. Subsequently, Crescent was renamed Power BI and in 2013 the solution was named Power BI for Office 365, as the first version of Power BI was based on the Microsoft Excel-based add-ins: Power Pivot, Power Query and Power View. Power BI as we know the solution today was first released to the public in 2015.

Why Power BI?

Power BI is a visual reporting tool that enables, even for users without in-depth and technical knowledge in statistical analysis, to filter, segment and analyze company data and the interactive dashboards provide a 360-degree perspective of the company in real time. The many possibilities and functions that, among other things, enable integration of external data, also provide a completely new experience of and insight into the company's comprehensive data.

What does Power BI cost?

It all depends on what functionality you need. Power BI is offered in three versions: Power BI Free which is free, Power BI Pro which costs $9.99, - pr. month per. user and Power BI Premium which costs $20 per. month per. user. or  $4,995 per capacity/month.


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