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Dynamics 365 Sales

Become better able to understand your customers' needs, streamline communication with them and win more leads. With Dynamics 365 Sales you get an overview of your existing customers as well as potential customers. Dynamics 365 Sales helps your salespeople manage opportunities more effectively and gives them insight into the sales process which will improve performance.

Effective CRM solution

The purpose of a CRM solution like Dynamics 365 Sales is to make the most of the company's sales and marketing activities and, not least, to contribute to better customer service and thus maintain and expand the relationship with existing customers.

Optimize sales and customer service

With Dynamics 365 Sales you get an effective sales tool that helps to create an overview of the company's marketing and sales activities. You get an overview of both your current customers and potential customers. Dynamics 365 Sales optimizes sales processes, increases customer satisfaction and thus contributes to a better bottom line.

Dynamics 365 Sales consists of modules, you combine depending on what is best for your business and its sales processes. You will continuously be able to expand the solution with more modules as the need for additional functionality occurs.

This way, you can customize Dynamics 365 Sales so it fits your company's sales processes and systems at a pace that is consistent with your company's routines and resources.

CRM tool with Social Marketing functionality

Social media and online influencers are becoming increasingly important. The tendency is that customers to a greater extent make decisions based on user reviews on online media. With Microsoft Social Engagement, your sales staff are able to monitor and analyze trends in social media and in the news stream in 20 different languages. By analyzing the purpose of users' posting on social media, it is possible to spot potential opportunities. This way, the sales staff can be at the forefront and spot trends and tendencies and respond to opportunities in the right time.

Support the sellers' daily work processes

Support and optimize the sales department workflows with an efficient sales tool and make better results. With Dynamics 365 Sales, your salespeople get a effective sales tool that supports and develops their daily work not only on a daily basis but also in the long term. No part of the sales process is left to chance any more, each step being part of a managed process where opportunities and time are utilized most effectively. Dynamics 365 Sales segments both customers and prospects so that they are carefully prioritized based on a thoroughly considered and planned sales strategy.

Transparency and overview

With Dynamics 365 Sales, the sales manager and the rest of the management gets a tool that gives them an overview and provides transparency in the company's sales activities. Microsoft's CRM solution allows them to track all customer or customer relationships and sales pipelines. This knowledge can be very valuable for analyzing and following up on the company's sales processes. With detailed insight and a clear picture of a general sales pipeline, the management will be able to make important decisions that are based on a correct data basis.

In short, Dynamics 365 is an invaluable tool if you want a strategic approach to the company's sales processes.

The functionality of Dynamics 365 Sales

The sales module provides a more efficient sales process. It puts your sales leads in system based on their information, purchase potential, placement in the sales process and purchase history.

Customer Service
The service module is a tool for case management. The module ensures that the customer's transition from sales to service is seamlessly and smooth.

Field Service
The module is designed for the company's field technicians. The Field Service module helps to keep track of the customer list, scheduled appointments, route planning, time registration, use of spare parts and the overall case process.

Project Service
Module for managing sales to the large companies, where a sale can mean up to several concurrent processes, which necessitates project management.

Social Engagement
The module utilizes social media to decode a customer's attitude towards one of your products and/or create the opportunity for a potential additional sale to the customer.

LinkedIn Navigator
Tool for Network management and to provide an overview of potential leads in LinkedIn as well as systematisation of personal profiles based on specific criteria.

Establish customer portals where your customers themselves can create profiles and insert information and thereby gain insight into their interests.

Marketing Automation
Send out emails or campaigns that are based on the customer's interest and thus keep leads warm so you don't lose the opportunity for sales.

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