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Cortana Intelligence

Cortana Intelligence consists of a number of fully manageable big data, advanced analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) services developed by Microsoft and located on their cloud computing service Azure.

Transverse functionality

Through a range of services centralized around data analysis and big data predictions, Cortana Intelligence helps companies helps businesses make the right business decisions and identify the best strategies.

Cortana Intelligence also supports business-wide functionality, from product development to operations,  and can help find the right market segmentation for a given product, understand the needs of each individual customer and identify potential challenges.

Cortana Intelligence in Dynamics NAV

Cortana Intelligence in Dynamics NAV improves through historical data the insights into your expected sales, which helps you manage your inventory and react and respond to requests from your customers. The information also helps to create replenishment queries for vendors, which means increased efficiency and saves you time.


Cortana Intelligence diagram


As shown in the diagram above, Cortana Intelligence processes data from a number of data sources, converts this data and adds advanced analysis such as Data Mining and Machine Learning. In this way, Cortana Intelligence allows companies to make both intelligent and timely decisions.

The best predictions

Cortana Intelligence works with the best possible predictions of the highest quality. The system uses machine learning algorithms, compares the results and returns them as predictions of the highest quality.



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