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Power BI for Dynamics NAV (Navision)

Visualize and dive into your data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Power BI to Dynamics NAV provides you with insight into your company and knowledge about your business.

Visualize and explore your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data

Analyze sales and profits in your business. Discover new opportunities and monitor profitability and gain new insights into your company and business.

With Power BI, you can view data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV in one place. Therefore, you can quickly and easily uncover any new insights and thus be better able to make business decisions for your company.

One of the major advantages of using Dynamics NAV is that you obtain and acquire a large amount of transaction data. This data can be used to gain valuable insight into your company and business. Although there are reports available in the Dynamics NAV that are available out of the box, it is not always sufficient.

Power BI makes the process of extracting and presenting data from Dynamics NAV in dynamic and interactive data visualizations simpler and it is all done easily with intuitive drag and drop functionality.

Get an overview of your business

In Power BI, your company's data is displayed on a dashboard that comes out of the box. Here you get important statistics from the dataset, such as sales, revenue, and expenses, monthly goals, etc.

Dive into your data and get new insights

Click on any image on the dashboard and get one of seven underlying reports. Filter the report or add the fields you want to monitor. Pin the custom view to the dashboard to continue tracking.

Update the schedule

Updating the dashboard and the underlying reports is done daily. You can control the update schedule yourself and customize the frequency of the data set.

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