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Continia Document Output

Streamline and optimize communication with your customers worldwide and get full integration to Business Central with Continia Document Output.

Full integration with Business Central

With Document Output, you get several predefined and ready-made e-mail templates, all of which are ready to use. All the templates are linked to a Business Central report, as well as information about the recipient in question. All you have to do is customize the email to your own profile and the system will then be ready for you to use.

All this means that in terms of implementation, development and maintenance, Continia Document Output is both a much simpler and more cost-effective solution than many of the competing solutions on the market.

e-Documents Export
Achieve automated and accurate communication with your customers worldwide and send digital documents such as credit notes, invoices and reminders directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central with Continia e-Documents Export.

Pre-developed templates

With Continia Document Output, you get more than 20 e-mail templates, all of which are ready to use. All the included templates are linked to a Business Central report as well as information about the specific recipient. Each template is developed based on document type and language.

By default, you get the following email templates included in a Document Output license. They are fully developed and ready for use.

  • Sales invoice
  • Credit note
  • Bank statement (including attachment of vouchers from the period)
  • Reminders
  • Interest note
  • Tracking
  • Quote
  • Order confirmation
  • Purchase order
  • Delivery note

If necessary, it is quite simple to adapt each template to the needs and desires you may have. The templates are designed and customized in your Outlook client, where you can also place company logos and insert campaign banners as well as attach files and documents if you need to.

You also have the option of using merge fields to automatically insert information such as the customer's name, sender's name, e-mail, etc. When you have finished editing and setting up your e-mail templates, all that is left is to select that report , you want to use.

All the information you need -right at your fingertips

Since all activities in Document Output log completely automatically, you can always see which documents were sent, when they were sent and to whom they were sent.

The unique fat boxes that are attached to each customer card contain information about e-mail recipients, access to e-mail log and an overview of the documents. Fact boxes on sales quotes and sales orders similarly contain information about email recipients and access to an email log.

With these fact boxes you get a clear overview of your email activity and your reports.

Transparent and clear workflow for your documents

When reports are distributed from the Continia Document Output, an overview of all documents that have not been sent is opened. In this overview you can see which recipients should have their documents digitally attached to an e-mail, and who should have them in paper form. In the overview, you can also choose whether all the documents that appear in the list are to be processed immediately, or whether you only want to process individual documents at a time.

The documents that have been sent are marked as sent and will no longer appear in the overview. It is also possible to configure Business Central to, automatically, send and print all documents at fixed predefined intervals according to your business needs, for example once a day.

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