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Mobile ERP

When developing the strategy for mobile ERP there is a range of parameters one should consider, such as whether to use the built-in apps or how to handle data security.

Rapid growth

Mobile ERP has been long in the making, but now it is finally here to stay. Many companies have already adapted mobility and the many new opportunities to their business.

ERP for the mobile is developing rapidly, not least because of the demand for, being able to access corporate data anywhere and anytime. Mobility can reduce waste time and streamline business processes in real time.

Mobile ERP can benefit many of your employees, from sales to warehouse workers to senior management, all of which benefit from being able to access reports while they are on the go.

The reason that mobile ERP has been so long in the making, also in relation to other enterprise applications, is that many companies have both heavy and customized ERP systems, which makes updates and changes expensive and risky. Despite this, there is no doubt that there is a growing interest in mobile apps which gives users the data they need to complete specific tasks, such as approving transactions or a purchase order request.

Mobile and in-house ERP

As a company, you should ensure that you have the capacity to maintain both mobile and non-mobile functionalities, as it is two different parts of the ERP system. In other words it is important to keep in mind that a mobile ERP application does not replace the usual business processes, but rather supports in-house processes by making these finktioner mobile.

Mobile ERP in the future

Right now we are only at the beginning of the ERP wave. So far, the mobile systems has primarily been used for storage management where barcode scanners that sends data directly to your ERP system, for example is being used. In the future, the mobile applications followed by the many functionalities that connects your ERP system with your mobile devices, for example, it is believed that the sales functionality will make it possible to start and close sales from anywhere and anytime.

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