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PCPlus - The first version of Dynamics NAV

The foundation stone for Dynamics NAV as we know it today, was completed in the mid 80s here in Denmark.

The first version of Dynamics NAV

It all started in 1984 when PC Plus was launched in Denmark and Norway by the company PC & C ApS. PC-plus was a character-based (MS-DOS) accounting solution designed for the SOHO (small office / home office) market. Three years after its launch in 1984 the first version of Navision was released.

The system still has users in Denmark

Before Microsoft bought Navision, the rights for PC-Plus was acquired by a small Danish VAR (value-added reseller). Therefore, one could, in spite that the ERP system was not working on the new versions of Windows, continue to offer support for PC-Plus and sell the solution. Until just a few years ago it was still possible to buy the system which still has users in Denmark.

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