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Dynamics NAV / Navision - IT and Hightech

As a software company, your main areas of business are technology and innovation. These business areas spanning one or more of the following technological fields: Software, information systems, computer hardware and programming languages.

A changing industry

Companies in the IT industry are faced with constant upheaval and change. The high level of innovation and intense competition requires a flexible ERP system that creates both insight and extreme agility and ensure that your business is able to participate in the race to achieve first-to-market positioning.

Are you looking for an ERP solution that meets these needs, as well as a flexible partner with long experience in finance and IT solutions?

You are always welcome to contact Active Business Solutions and learn more about what we can do for you and your business.


For companies in the IT industry, there are many advantages in a variety of areas by using the ERP solution  Dynamics NAV:

Financial management

Make it easier to perform financial transactions and reports by using multiple languages and multiple types of currency
Expect greater accuracy and timeliness in your accounting processes
Discover activities and relationships that are not profitable

Management of your business

  • Make information and data accessible across your business
  • Integrate and control processes across the enterprise
  • Improved resource management, project coordination, monitor your accounts and check billing and profitability
  • Optimize operational efficiency.
  • Optimize the flexibility and respond quickly to changes
  • We develop add-on applications that are tailored to your unique needs

Exchange of data and information

  • Make technical changes and optimizations quickly
  • Implement new processes quickly and efficiently
  • Collaborate closely with partners and suppliers
  • Improve your ability to identify, organize and assign tasks and make your real decisions based on reliable and accurate data
  • Control processes around your planning, marketing, procurement and delivery of services.
  • Observe orders, ongoing projects and distribution

Analysis of data

  • Take advantage of the latest developments and business models
  • Make quick analyzes where you can evaluate your company's success or whether you are making progress in relation to strategic or operational objectives.
  • Obtain detailed data on revenue trends and profitability
  • Collect information and data from the product life cycle or service history
  • Save information and data from even the most complex transactions.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customize your customer support and make it efficient and smarter while your customers are given the opportunity for self-service over the Internet
  • With the right information available, you can respond quickly to customer inquiries
  • Meet changes in customer orders at the last minute
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