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Dynamics NAV 2018

Besides that the integration between Dynamics NAV and Office 365 is improved, is also the core application optimized, which means integration of new technology and thereby new opportunities. Also the development of the integration to Power BI has been improved and is no longer limited to NAV's role center.

Better integration and new opportunities

The integration to the other Microsoft products has been improved in NAV 2018. This means that there are even more options for utilizing Dynamics NAV functionality in other Microsoft applications, such as Office 365 and Power BI. For example, it is possible to create an order in NAV from Outlook.

NAV 2018 integration to Office and Power BI

New and improved Power BI integration

In NAV 2018, the out-of-box integration to Power BI has been improved. Not only at role center level, but at a more contextual level, Power BI integration is enhanced across Dynamics NAV.

New and improved Power BI integration

Artificial intelligence

The first step towards utilizing and integrating AI (artificial intelligence) in Dynamics NAV was taken with access to machine learning for sales and stock forecasts in NAV 2017.

AI in Dynamics NAV 2018

Dynamics NAV 2018 provides more opportunities for utilizing artificial intelligence in the NAV through Cognitive Services (cognitive intelligence). This means that Navision is now in a better position to recognize, learn, remember and take a position on information.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive computing is a common term describing the utilization of technology platforms based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). In NAV 2018, it means, among other things, that the solution can analyze an image, such as an item, automatically identify the item on the image and subsequently place this item in a concrete and correct context or category with other related items.

Cognitive Services

The service can also be used in HR context to analyze an image of an employee which is evaluated and catagorized, for example by gender and age.

Improved mobility

The effective opportunities that can be achieved by using Dynamics NAV through mobile devices that was introduced in NAV 2017, is enhanced by Microsoft in NAV 2018. The new enhanced universal app for NAV 2018 makes the system further platform-independent. This means that the ability to use NAV, regardless of which type of device that is the preferred to use and where and when it suits each individual to use it, has been significantly improved.

Using Dynamics NAV through mobile devices

The mobile application for NAV 2018 thus gives greater freedom to each individual employee and more flexibility. However, it is not only the mobile application that has gotten a boost, but the web client has also been significantly improved with a more user-friendly and manageable user interface.

Enhanced user interface

The user interface in NAV 2018 is made more user-friendly and is, among other things, improved with graphs, statistics and customer reviews that provide a quick overview of the company.

Task Tools

The new task tools in NAV 2018 makes it possible to increase productivity and progress for projects and tasks. The tools provides an overview and an opportunity to see the next steps in the tasks, get information about which employees are responsible for what part of the assignment, etc.

With the NAV 2018 you get

  • The latest version of NAV and thus the latest code
  • Dynamics NAV application for mobile and tablet
  • Improved role center
  • Direct integration to Office 365
  • Make reports in Word
  • Schedule reports
  • Function for Drill Down
  • Log in through your Office 365 account
  • New integrated banking module
  • Enhanced integration to Dynamics CRM
  • New designed and functional interface
  • Integration to Power BI, which provides an overview of your company and insight into your business
  • Color Indicated cues
  • OCR service. Send PDF invoices to OCR service and retrieve them as electronic invoice
  • Document number is automatically filled
  • Number of documents displayed in the overview
  • The pages are market-oriented
  • The custom workflows connect tasks performed by different users
  • Send and receive electronic documents, such as invoices and credit notes
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