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Pricing and licensing Dynamics nav

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is sold through a network of certified partners which through planning, implementation, customization and support aim to optimize and customize the solutions the individual and unique needs you have as a customer.

Perpetual Licensing

The new licensing structure for Dynamics NAV 'Perpetual Licensing' was introduced in along with the launch of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

The license model is designed in order to make it easier and more manageable for companies to buy Microsoft Dynamics NAV and thereby optimize their financial insight and distribution management as well as streamline other functional areas.

Dynamics NAV perpetual licensing

So you can license Dynamics NAV through four key components:

Additional configuration components are also available.

The functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is licensed through continuous user licenses.

1. Starter Pack

Microsoft has made it easy for companies to quickly and cheaply start using Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 'Starter Pack' provides of core functionalities within finance and distribution as well as three 'Full User' licenses. The functionalities in the 'Starter Pack, is designed to help customers in the following ways:

  • Gain control and insight into your finances
  • Manage your sales goods and materials in a distribution environment
  • Provides licensed users a unique view of the business from virtually anywhere through a variety of clients.

As a customer you buy a license for one 'Starter Pack' per implemented ERP solution. For many customers, this is the only licensed component they need.

Please note:

  • A single Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution can leverage the resources of multiple servers or processors
  • Licenses for additional software required for the solution, such as Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SharePoint Server is not included in the Starter Pack license. Such additional software solutions must be licensed under the applicable license terms

2. Extended Pack

If you as a customer want to implement some of the more advanced functionalities Microsoft Dynamics delivers, you can purchase a license to the optional 'Extended Pack' which expands the existing solution. 'Extended Pack' adds functionalities that allows you to integrate financial core items and distribution management with extensive industry-specific functionalities such as:

  • Production
    Supports and guides the production
  • Warehousing
    Controls the warehouse to support the operations
  • Professional Services
    Handle the generated billables by consultants
  • Basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Manages customer and supplier relationships and offer the highest quality of service and support

The first three 'Full Users' included in' Starter Pack' has access to all the incremental functionalities.

Please note:

  • The 'Starter Pack' is a precondition to buy the 'Extended Pack'
  • When purchasing 'Extended Pack' all functionalities for all the current and future users are extended

3. Full User

As 'Full User' you as a user have  unlimited read and write access to all functionalities of the ERP system.

4. Limited User

A 'Limited User' has unlimited reading rights, but only limited write access. The 'Limited user' license is intended as a cheaper alternative to system expansion with users who only need limited privileges, to perform their respective functions.




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