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Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents, effectively supports clients and employees with AI-powered virtual agents. Easily create and maintain bots with a codeless interface.

Build customizable, automated AI chatbots to work for you

With Power Virtual Agents, the company can automatically solve problems, internal as well as external and customer-oriented, and thus free up resources for service staff who can instead focus time on more nuanced and complex service requests and interactions, which also create higher value.

Power Virtual Agents makes it easy to create your very own virtual agents

Power Virtual Agents delivers a user-friendly and graphically manageable interface that, even without the help of software developers or data experts, lets you create effective chatbots that optimize the company's customer interaction and service level to a whole new level.

Integration to other services and applications

Through several hundred pre-developed connectors, you can integrate Power Virtual Agents with applications and services you already use on a daily basis and, for example with Power Automate, create custom workflows or create complex scenarios with the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Monitor and measure the performance of chatbots

Through AI and data-driven insights, you can monitor the performance of your chatbots via the user-friendly and easily accessible user interface. This insight allows you to continually improve your chatbots so that they perform at their best.

What is a bot?
In fact, a bot is just a computer program that, by taking advantage of conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence), is able to conduct simple text conversations with your customers or employees for the purpose of guiding them to what they need, quickly and without that it is necessary for your human agents to intervene. Bots are very much an effective way to answer banal, simple and repetitive questions and requests from customers and employees, such as finding out how an item is returned or exchanged, participating in your rewards program or canceling an order. By freeing up resources for your employees, who can instead focus on dealing with and solving more complex and comprehensive problem solutions, more valuable, and long-lasting, customer interactions are created.


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