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News 2019

During 2019 you will on this page regularly find news about Business Central / Dynamics NAV as well as other news related to the ERP world.

09. September 2019

Benefits of upgrading to Office 365

By moving to Office 365, you get a number of benefits that the on-premise version of the Office suite does not offer.

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26. August 2019

Business Central October 2019 update

October this year, Microsoft releases the next major update to Business Central. With this update, the application is enhanced with a number of new features and existing functionality is improved. On this page you can read about some of the new features that are being launched with the new update.

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19. July 2019

Power Platform - Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2

Microsoft will release the next updates of the applications in the Power Platform in October this year, but as part of the release, users can also look forward to brand new functionality.

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15. July 2019

Have a great summer!

It is summer and while enjoying the summer holidays, you may want to consider whether we should host your IT solutions. You can save both time and money.

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08. July 2019

Dynamics 365 Sales - 2019 release Wave 2

In October this year Microsoft releases the next updates for the Dynamics 365 applications, which includes the CRM solution Dynamics 365 Sales.

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05. July 2019

Power BI - Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2

Microsoft releases the next updates of the Dynamics 365 applications, including the Business intelligence solution Power BI, in October this year, but as part of the release, brand new functionality is also added.

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27. June 2019

Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2

In October this year Microsoft releases the next major updates for  the Dynamics 365 applications.

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25. June 2019

Business Central October 2019 update

Read more about the next update for Business Central that will be released in October this year as part of the big Dynamics 365 wave 2 update.

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20. June 2019

Business Central / Dynamics NAV on Azure SQL

As the support of SQL 2008 R2 ends, you should consider our cloud solution. This way you avoid again having to worry about ending support, in addition, it can be a really good business.

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18. June 2019

Support for SQL Server 2008 / R2 ends!

As of July 9, 2019, the support of SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 will cease.

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17. June 2019

Azure vs. AWS vs. Google Cloud

There are many players on the market for cloud platform providers. We have taken a closer look at the three largest.

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11. June 2019

End of C / SIDE and Windows Client?

Much suggests that the April '19 launch of Business Central will be the last version of Navision with C/SIDE and Windows Client.

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16. March 2019

Intelligent finance administration with AI and ML-driven automation

Machine learning and artificial intelligence drives automation and, together with large amounts of data and analysis, create smarter business applications that provide insight and competitive advantages.

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08. March 2019

Dynamics 365 Sales April '19 update

The CRM solution Dynamics 365 Sales is part of Dynamics 365 and is therefore also updated with improvements and new functionality when the April '19 update is released.

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06. March 2019

April '19 update to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

The upcoming April '19 update will be the first major update for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, but that is not all. The update also likely to draw a picture of how Microsoft in the future will release updates for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

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22. February 2019

Business Central April '19 update

In April comes the next Dynamics 365 update, which consists of a number of improvements and new functionality to Dynamics 365 business applications, including Business Central.

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15. January 2019

Business Central –Cloud or on-premise?

Since the October update and inclusion of Dynamics NAV, Business Central has been available as both on-premise and cloud installation.

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08. January 2019

The differences between Dynamics NAV and Business Central On premise

Read more about some of the many improvements and upgrades in the latest version of Dynamics NAV, Business Central On premise.

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