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Upgrading to Business Central

Business Central is the latest version of Dynamics NAV and the solution has with Microsoft's upgrade wave of Dynamics 365, 2019 Release Wave 2, just been launched in a new version. But why upgrade to Business Central?

Advantages by upgrading

Below are just a few of the benefits you get from upgrading your current Dynamics ERP solution to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Of course, the degree of how much you gain by upgrading also depends on which solution and version you are running on now, as well as the degree of customizations. You are of course very welcome to contact us for further information.

Improved security

Running on the latest version of your financial system increases data security. Microsoft only supports versions up to five years old. This means that versions that are more than five years old do not receive the important updates and thus risk a database breach. This can be no less than business critical, so when it comes to business data, you should be extremely careful. For many companies, IT security is something you only think of when an unintended incident occurs, such as an illegal intrusion, and when it does, it is already too late. To prevent such incidents, it is necessary to take precautions, first and foremost by keeping the applications up to date.


If the company purchased Dynamics NAV before October 31, 2016 and is still active on the Microsoft Dynamics Enhancement Plan, you have the opportunity to apply for up to 40% discount on Business Central licenses. In some cases, it will even equalize the cost of an upgrade.

Free ongoing application updates  

For some, one of the weaknesses of Dynamics NAV (Navision) has always been the complexity of the often comprehensive upgrades and the substantial costs that comes with such a project. For the same reason, over the years, many companies have chosen to postpone the upgrades until it was absolutely necessary and therefore ran on older versions of the solution, that did not offer the latest technology and functionalities. With Business Central online, this problem is non-existent and you don't have to worry about time consuming and costly upgrades. The solution is continuously upgraded at no extra cost. You may not even notice that the upgrade has taken place and is included in the subscription price.

Built-in integration for Microsoft applications

Dynamics 365 Business Central now has built-in integration to Microsoft Office, Microsoft Flow, Power BI and the CRM solution Dynamics 365 for Sales. In Outlook, you can access customer data, Microsoft Flow allows users without development skills to establish a chain of automatic workflows, for example, a low customer balance can automatically send an email to the warehouse manager. The Business Intelligence solution Power BI offers feature rich and in-depth reporting at no extra cost to Business Central online users.

Improved user interface via telemetric data

The web client for Business Central is very different from the web client we know from Dynamics NAV and the changes are significantly for the better. With the help of telemetric data, ie remote data collected from the users on the individual Business Central solution, Microsoft has analyzed the user activity and based on this placed buttons and functionality where the users search for them. This makes the Business Central client both user-friendly and manageable.

Universal user experience, regardless of device

No matter what type of device each user of Business Central prefer to use, the user experience will be the same.

Integrated AI

Whether you run Business Central on-premise or Business Central cloud, the solution provides integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence), which can be an effective help in optimizing your business management processes, for example, you can configure AI to predict late payments or analyze images.

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