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Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform for a number of business applications that combine elements and functionality for financial management and sales as well as applications for production management and AI (artificial intelligence) tools. The next major update for Dynamics 365 will be launched in October this year and is named Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2.

Overview of 2019 release wave 2

Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2 adds, through a lot of new innovation, significant functionality to the applications, thereby providing capabilities that can change your company and business.

The improvements to Dynamics 365 include hundreds of new features across the many business applications which together constitutes Dynamics 365.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2 improves the AI functionalities, which helps companies transform and improve their customer service, sales and marketing features, such as:

  • Sales Insights gives your sales teams better foresight in the sales process, thereby improving their efficiency and making them better able to predict sales through the entire sales process
  • Customer Service Insights provides industry-leading intelligent technology with valuable and action-oriented insights into the important performance measurements, data and emerging tendencies and trends
  • Virtual Agent allows you to create intelligent AI-powered robots that can chat with customers, thereby improving your company's customer service. In this way, through the digital transformation, new opportunities are created to optimize the company's customer service
  • Customer Insights enables the company to compile and understand the customer data collected and use it to create intelligent insights that provide the business decision makers with a basis of information that enables them to make the best possible decisions
  • Market Insights makes it possible to collect valuable and action-oriented insights and knowledge based on what consumers say, search for and feel about the company's brand and products
  • Fraud Protection enables e-commerce companies to reduce financial losses associated with fraud and increase bank acceptance and thereby increase revenue and, not least, improve customer online shopping experience

Mixed reality

With Dynamics 365 2019 Release Wave 2, Microsoft continues to add new functionality to the platform's applications, creating new work experiences and improving employee productivity through mixed reality, the new technology that blends the virtual world with the real world.

  • Remote Assist allows the company's technicians to solve tasks and problems faster the first time
  • Layout creates a whole new way for space planners to quickly and safely bring a design from concept to completion
  • Product Visualize allows sellers much more opportunity to convey the value of their product to their customers by leveraging the potential of augmented reality technology that combines physical world data with virtual data on their mobile devices
  • Guides is a mixed reality application developed for Microsoft's HoloLens, which enables employees to improve their skills while working by providing holographic instructions, both when and where they need them

Microsoft is listening to the users of its business applications

At the launch of the April '19 release, a number of Dynamics 365 users were in doubt as to which features of the update were activated automatically and when each functionality was implemented in the application. To address this, Microsoft now indicates when each feature will be available to the users and also notifies how.

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