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Dynamics 365 Sales 2019 release wave 2

Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM solution for companies that help sales staff build strong and close relationships to customers, make decisions and take action based on insight and knowledge and, not least, closing trades faster.

Out-of-the-box sales solution

As the Dynamics 365 platform's most popular application, Sales includes comprehensive functionality that ranges from traditional outbound sales models to complex configurations, allowing vendors to quickly identify the needs of a customer or potential customer and create a customized and detailed proposition directly at the point of sale. Dynamics 365 Sales is thus a comprehensive sales and customer relationship solution (CRM) that fulfill many business needs.

Dynamics 365 is designed for the purpose of delivering an out-of-box sales solution to fill light needs, including functionality that supports customized experience when businesses grow and expand. Dynamics 365 Sales is a specially developed CRM solution and helps companies increase revenue with actionable insights, resulting in more relevant and authentic customer engagement, thereby maximizing sales productivity.

October 2019 update

Of course, as Dynamics 365 is an important link for many companies to run their sales process, it's important that the solution is reliable. If the sales strategy is based on Sales, companies must be able to rely on their software to be stable. Stability includes fundamental principles such as availability, performance and support capabilities, as well as other important aspects in areas such as compliance with specified standards, data protection, security and communication.

In Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2, Microsoft is massively investing in optimizing the sales application's stability, thus creating additional value for the users of Dynamics 365 Sales. The improvements are primarily centered on these areas:

  • Reliability and performance
    Microsoft continues to deliver enhanced performance, scalability, availability, expansion capability and support capabilities, helping the company's salespeople so they can focus on building and maintaining customer relationships
  • Modern and simple user interface
    Continued optimization of workflows by streamlining and simplifying the key routines. Simpler workflows, eliminating superfluous clicks and general improvements that make work easier for sellers
  • Relations selling improvements
    Enhanced integration that creates fast and smooth transitions between CRM and communication without having to change context. This creates both authentic and meaningful conversations and ultimately contributes to additional sales
  • Sales productivity
    More than just simplification. Intelligence converts data into valuable business insight that can help increase revenue and allow sellers to make more personal conversations, thereby creating closer relationships
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