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Business Central Misconceptions

As Microsoft launched the latest version of Dynamics NAV, the solution was not only optimized through a number of enhancements to the application and the addition of new functionality, but also rebranded with a new logo and a brand new name, Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Rumors and misunderstandings

So, Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest version of Dynamics NAV and there are many good reasons to upgrade your financial system to the newest version and thus benefit from the latest technology, but with the new brand came also many misleading rumors and misunderstandings, some of which are actually justified, while most just simply based on unfounded fears.

1. The new web client is useless

It is true that the web client not always has offered the same level of usability as the Windows client and it would have been a huge disadvantage if it was solely the web client that was available for the users. But in the latest version of Business Central Microsoft has removed the Windows client and improved the web client so that today it offers the same functionality as the Windows client used to do.

2. It is once and for all over with Navision / Dynamics NAV

First and foremost, Navision / Dynamics NAV is far from the shelf ─on the contrary. As previously noted, Microsoft's popular ERP solution was rebranded with a new name and logo, just as the name once was changed from Navision to Dynamics NAV. The new version has an improved user interface, new and smarter built-in integration for other Microsoft business applications, such as Power BI and Office 365, integrated AI (artificial intelligence), and, not least, Microsoft provides free continuous upgrades when using the cloud version of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Business Central online.

3. There are too many customizations in my current Dynamics NAV solution to upgrade

Some customizations may actually make it impossible to upgrade to Business Central from Dynamics NAV, but only in rare cases. Generally, no solution will be too customized, but it is rather a matter of resources, time and money, when assessing the extent to which adaptations need to be migrated to Business Central. However, it is worth noting that some customizations may be redundant as they are covered by the standard functionality in the new version.

4. My database is too big to upgrade

No database is too big for a Business Central upgrade. When it comes to upgrading a larger database it is only a matter of time and resources, the solution itself is not an obstacle.

5. My version of Dynamics NAV is too old to upgrade

If you are running on version 3.60, that is Navision Attain, or an older version, you cannot upgrade to Business Central. For versions older than Attain, it makes much better sense to redesign the solution itself. Newer versions can be upgraded and it can be done relatively simply and efficiently through upgrade tools and standardized procedures.

6. Dynamics NAV / Business Central has become too costly

It can be difficult to compare the price of the many ERP systems, but the many improvements and much new functionality added to Navision over the years taken into consideration, Business Central is definitely not on the heavy end, on the contrary! In addition, Microsoft today offers continuous upgrades free of charge, which in the past could be very costly.

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