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April'19 update - D365 and Power Platform

The new functionality and new enhancements that come with the April '19 update clearly show that Microsoft is constantly investing in developing capabilities to drive the digital transformation, from AI's built-in intelligence to brand new and groundbreaking customer relationship management technologies, which improve both sales and customer loyalty.

Continuous update plan

The April '19 release is not just a very important event and a milestone for Dynamics 365 and its users. The update is the first major update, where all Dynamics 365 customers across the platform will run on the latest version and follow the same continuous update plan.

The April '19 update will also serve as a template for how Microsoft will launch Dynamics 365 and Power Platform updates every year in April and October.

Dynamics 365

Microsoft's upcoming update to Dynamics 365 includes hundreds of enhancements and new features across the applications on the Dynamics 365 platform, including finance, operations, sales, marketing and, not least, Business Central.

In the April '19 update, we will also see Microsoft's continued investment in artificial intelligence technology. The new update will therefore use and profit from the capabilities of Microsoft's AI research, tools and data as well as the Power Platform, helping companies transform an improve their customer service, sales and marketing capabilities. For example, the AI functionality for sales delivers action-oriented insight that allows for an individual and personalized commitment in the relationship with the customers and a proactive decision making based on insight into the business.

Power Platform

The new functionality that comes with the new update combines Power BI, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Common Data Service. Together that creates an unprecedented range of business tools designed to enhance functionality and customize and integrate Dynamics 365 and Office 365 to your environment. In addition, the April '19 update adds significant improvements that allows business analysts and decision makers to build higher-quality reports, apps and workflows easier and faster while increasingly sophisticated corporate and administrative requirements are still supported.

Data integration

Also the data integration is updated in April '19 update. The integration provides, among other things, integrated connection to Power Platform and much more, with data that goes across hundreds of business systems, which creates an enhanced and intelligent user experience. By delivering semantic consistency to canonical units that crosses both Dynamics 365 and Common Data Service, the common data model increases business value and also saves time for application developers, independent software developers, and integration consultants.

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