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Microsoft Sales - April ´19 opdatering

Microsoft's CRM solution that is a part of Dynamics 365 is also updated with new functionality and improvements in the upcoming Dynamics 365 update.

Dynamics 365 update

It is certainly no exaggeration to say that there has been a lot of confusion about Dynamics 365. Now there is finally clarity on what Dynamics 365 is and what it includes and Microsoft is well underway with their half-yearly update cycle for the business solutions which constitutes Dynamics 365, including Dynamics 365 Sales (formerly Dynamics CRM). The update will be launched in April 2019 and has therefore been named the 'April '19 Release'.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement is about far more than just a touchpoint, that is, a positive contact between a potential customer and you. If a sales organization is to succeed, it implies that not only a contact is created, but that meaningful connections based on relationships are made and that these relationships are nurtured so that trust is created between company and customer. To build these relationships, sellers need a reliable and up-to-date customer insight as well as the ability to work effectively together and thereby deliver and live up to customer-related obligations.

The correct content in the right context

The two Dynamics 365 sales applications Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Relationship enables your salespeople in  large-scale to build deep and strong relationships with your customers using the combined strength and efficiency of Dynamics 365, LinkedIn and Office 365. Your sales staff receive recommended content along with activities and notes through the sales playbook when working on a potential sales opportunity, helping them ensure that they use the correct content in the right context.

Functionality for configuring price quotes helps your sellers effectively summarize the right product solution for the customers.

The ability to make simple sales forecasts can be a great help in situations where external control and adjustments must be accounted for.

New and planned functionality for Dynamics 365 Sales

  • Out of the box LinkedIn profiles and a simpler Sales Navigator installation
    Microsoft Relationship Sales brings together the functionality of Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This gives sellers easy access to updated customer insights from LinkedIn.
  • Stable and robust customer insight from even more data providers
    Get even more value from your customer data through multiple third-party data providers in your geographical area, business and industry.
  • Integration to Microsoft Teams, including Relationship Assistant
    Today, sales processes often require salespeople to be flexible and able to work across corporate departments while working on a new potential sale. With the Dynamics 365 app for Microsoft Teams, it becomes easier for sellers to collaborate more effectively.
  • Playbook improvements with content recommendations
    Obtain and convert knowledge and best practices into scripted lists of activities such as phone calls, tasks and appointments. Playbook activated manually or preconfigured to run based on the unit's registration events, for example, by a new sales opportunity.
  • Seamless configure-price-qoute integrated experience
    By integrating Dynamics 365 Sales with partner configure-price-quote (CPQ) solutions, you can get even faster processing times and a more consistent and accurate configuration of price and quote, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Expect revenue accurately and make informed decisions with manual sales prediction
    Sales forecasts can be of great benefit to sellers in situations where external control and changes need to be accounted for. It is also useful way for small and medium-sized enterprises to take the forecasting process into consideration before moving on to predictive forecasting.
  • Accurate revenue prediction and ability to make well-informed decisions with manual sales prediction
    Sales forecasts can be of great benefit to sellers in situations where external control and changes need to be accounted for. It is also a useful way for small and medium-sized companies to embrace the forecasting process before moving on to predictive forecasting.
  • Simplified first-time experience of Dynamics 365 Sales Professional
    The Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional application is now easy to implement and configure, enabling your salespeople to be productive from start.



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