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Business Central october 2019 update

On the Business Central Ideas website, users of the solution can make suggestions for improvements or request new functionality.These requests and suggestions are largely the basis for the two major updates launched each year by Business Central. With the October 2019 update of Business Central, Microsoft has announced a number of application enhancements, lifecycle management tools, developer tools and much more.

Improvements to Business Central

With the Business Central October update this fall, which goes by the name Business Central 2019 Release Wave 2, a number of improvements are launched that not least optimize the user experience for the solution's end users, which with the update will save time and work more efficiently.

  • Enter multiple item cross reference numbers
    The cross reference number field will with the October 2019 update be able to contain 50 characters rather than the current 20 you are able to write now.
  • Multi-tasking across several pages
    The October update of Business Central allows users of the solution to open an additional page in another tab or window, enabling them to perform multiple tasks concurrently while working with the same company. By having multiple windows open, the upcoming update also allows users to easily collaborate with more than one company and a new colorful company logo indicator makes it easy for the user to see which window represents which company..
  • Customized homepage and navigation menu
    After the October update, all pages in Business Central can be bookmarked and added to the navigation menu. In the navigation menu itself and in the role center, the user experience is improved by allowing users to move menu items to another more preferred position and not hide relevant menu items.
  • Improved reporting filtering
    With the the upcoming October update, the reporting filtering functionality will be improved, so that it now also allows you to add more fields, get help when a need arises as well as validate feedback when the user specifies filter criteria and uses terms and filter tokens.
  • When posting in the accounts, you can use line descriptions for items in financial records
    The new update will allow users to view the source document line description in ledger records in Business Central financial.
  • Cancellation of issued reminders and financing costs
    In October 2019, developers will have the opportunity to add custom keyboard shortcuts to Business Central based on end-user requests. These custom keyboard shortcuts help end users to work faster and more efficiently, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Improvements to Microsoft Excel integration
    The integration to Excel will also be improved in the October update of updating Business Central by expanding the number of available fields for reading and publishing edits from Excel. This enhancement includes the ability to both view and edit fields, that is added to pages through Extensions.

    Another notable upgrade of the integration to Excel is that when an end user selects the 'Edit in Excel' action in Business Central from a list page, most filters specified on the list page will be added to the list when exported to Excel. This enhancement also enables publishing of any changes left in Business Central from a filtered list of records in Excel.

  • Filtering of setup fields based on multiple values
    As has been the case so far, Business Central's end users have only been able to select a single value once they have set a filter in the setupfields. This will change with the October update, with the upcoming update it will be possible to use a multi-selection control to filter more values.
  • Add comments and links to data
    With the upcoming october update, users will be able to attach internal comments collected and processed in Business Central. The comments appear next to map data and Business Central users are free to add, edit and delete these comments. They also have the option of inserting hyperlinks that link to online content, allowing for even more advanced scenarios

These features, along with many other new initiatives and enhancements, will be released in the upcoming major Business Central October 2019 update (2019 Release wave 2). The exact release date for the October update is yet to be announced.

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