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Power BI Extensions –BI lige ud af boksen!

It can be extremely difficult to get an overview of the large amount of data your business generates every day. Our Business Intelligence tool, Power BI Extensions, helps you bring the important insights stored in the data to the surface and not least share this insight across the company.

Competitive advantage

If you have a structured and clear view of the company's data and thus its daily operations, you also have the opportunity to figure out and understand the financial impact of your initiatives and activities and based on this information be better equipped to make the right decisions and put in place the best possible strategies for the company. And this is where Business Intelligence (BI) comes into the picture. By enabling intelligent use of the large amount of available data, the right Business Intelligence solution can by providing increased insight into the decision-making process help increase the company's competitive advantage.

Get rid of expensive and lengthy implementations

Many companies have already implemented Business Intelligence solutions to improve their ability to delve into and analyze data, thus supporting the decision-making process. Unfortunately, the often both expensive and lengthy deployments make Business Intelligence inaccessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

We have changed that.

With our Business Intelligence solution based on Power BI, you get all the BI functionality you need without worrying about resource-heavy and time-consuming implementation projects. Power BI Extensions, which we call the solution, will be implemented in one day, provide insight into your data and are far cheaper than you think and the solution is directly integrated into Business Central.

With Power BI Extensions you get:

  • Affordable Business Intelligence, straight out of the box
  • Quick implementation
  • A complete and nuanced overview of your business
  • Quickly connect to data, both in the office and when on the go
  • Become able to make fact-based decisions
  • Make it easy to develop and share reports
  • Equip users with access based on their individual needs

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