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Power BI 2019 release wave 2

Power BI consists of a suite of business analysis tools that allows the user to delve into business data and share this insight across the business. In October this year, a number of updates for Dynamics 365 will be launched under the name 2019 release wave 2, which includes both improvements and new functionality for Power BI.

Make the right decisions

Microsoft Business Intelligence makes it easy for companies to gain insight into and an overview over the large amounts of transactional and observational data. With the right knowledge, the company's decision makers have opportunity to make decisions based on real knowledge rather than conjectures and opinions.

Microsoft invests specifically in four areas to support this:

  • Intuitive user experience
  • A comprehensive BI platform
  • Analysis of Big Data

Microsoft is still working towards their vision of creating a BI (Business Intelligence) solution that enables companies to standardize their data analysis on a single self-service BI platform.

  • Self-service analysis
    Based on user feedback, Microsoft has added new functionality that makes Power BI more user-friendly and easier to use. New features have also been added to the solution that allow advanced users to push the boundaries of what they thought possible in Power BI
  • Enterprise reporting
    As the need for firms to standardize their BI increases, the need for advanced reporting capabilities in areas such as distribution management, content organization, life cycle management or more advanced reporting is also increasing. Microsoft will continue to add new functionality for distribution administration, content organization, management lifecycle or more advanced reporting
  • Business datasets
    Microsoft adds new functionality that enables the solution to fulfill the increased requirements there is for data models for standardized BI implementations, which includes increased data volumes, greater complexity and the need to work together across teams
  • Business administration
    Microsoft will enhance the user experience for administrators so they easily have the opportunity to gain insight into tenants' content, track their origins, understand influence and establish granular policies and controls. These improvements are implemented with the purpose of making Power BI work on a large scale

Comprehensive AI for Power BI

The right BI solution makes it easier for your employees to explore the company's data, automatically finding patterns and understanding the meaning of the data. In this way, BI helps to predict future results and thus to create better business results for the company. With AI technology, it is possible to improve the BI functionality and achieve even better insight into the data. The new AI functionality introduced in Azure is now also available in Power BI and requires no code. Therefore, it is possible for Power BI users to make discoveries in the data that would otherwise have been hidden. This insight can be put into action and help to improve the company's business performance. AI will also be used to provide analysis of primary influencers. The visualization Primary Influencers show what increases or decreases based on the likelihood of a business event occurring or what affects increases or decreases in KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), which is an indication of how the business is performing.

Big data analysis with Azure data services
There is much talk about Big Data, and for good reason. As the companies' amounts of data continues to grow exponentially, it may be worthwhile to invest in a solution which can analyze the vast amounts of data. This solution should preferably be user-friendly, fast, reliable and secure so that employees can gain important insights from data and take the right actions in a timely manner, thus creating and maintaining a competitive advantage for the company.

Power BI - Mobile

Microsoft continues to support the companies' ability to access business data, no matter where the employees are located, at what time and which device they use. The ambition is, that the continued investment in providing a simple, fast and intuitive experience for the users, will at a greater extent to have the employees to engage and get involved in the company's data and collaborate with other departments by sharing their insights across the company. With Dynamics 365 2019 Release Wave 2, Microsoft will make it easier for IT administrators to manage mobile apps and to comply with security policies and standards.


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