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E-commerce on Azure

Give your customers what they expect. With both a scalable and secure webshop, they get an online shopping experience tailored to their needs and expectations.

Safe and fast e-commerce

No matter what type of product you sell and in what scale you sell it, your e-commerce solution should meet the company's as well as your customer's needs and expectations. Your customers can be engaged with customized products and special offers and the purchase transactions are processed both secure and fast..

Get to know your customers and increase sales on your website

It goes without saying; in order to sell a given product, there must be customers who wish to buy it. An Azure e-commerce platform allows you to analyze the traffic on your website and thereby identify the conversion rate which means you can monitor the proportion of visitors in your webshop that ends up with actually buying a product. Based on information about your customers' behaviour and possible purchase patterns on your website, you can organize special offers and introduce new products in your wepshop.

With an e-commerce solution on Azure you are thus able to provide a customized shopping experience for every single customer with targeted products and offers and thereby increase the customer satisfaction through a sustained commitment in your webshop - both before, after and during the actual sale.

Business Central integration to Azure

Maintenance and ongoing operation of a webshop can be both expensive and difficult, but by integrating Business Central to the wepshop you get an accounting system that makes it easy and manageable to run your e-commerce platform and a webshop that meets your customers expectations while your employees that operates the shop can easily adjust the content of the page.

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