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Microsoft XAL (Concorde XAL)

Concorde XAL was launched in 1991 by the brothers Erik and Preben Damgaard.

Widely used ERP system

XAL has for many years been one of the most widely used ERP systems and has alone on the Danish market sold 8.000 licenses.

Users of XAL have probably discovered that Microsoft finally in 2009 stopped with both support and further development of Concorde XAL and in 2011 discontinued sales of modules and database space.

When Microsoft decided to retire XAL, a lot of companies chose to move their data to a modern and future proof ERP solution, such as Dynamics NAV / Navision.

For most companies it will be a great decision to choose a new ERP system. However, it is important to be aware that the longer you postpone the decision, the more the rush.

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