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Dynamics C5 (Navision C5)

Dynamics C5 was first launched in 1995 The financial system was developed in Denmark by Damgaard Data which was owned by the brothers Erik and Preben Damgaard.

C5 developed in Denmark

Dynamics C5 was a sequel to the DOS-based Concorde C4. The ERP system was first sold under the name Concorde C5 in Denmark and Arctos abroad.

From Navision to Dynamics

Damgaard Data merged with Navision in 2001 and both companies became Navision. Microsoft acquired Navision in 2002 which changed the name of the solution from Navision C5 to Microsoft Dynamics C5.

Dynamics C5 handles currently more than 70.000 installations in Denmark.

The financial system is modular which means that the solution can be resized and adapted as your business requirements changes.

Limited to financial management and inventory management

Where Dynamics NAV handles almost all of the functional activities of your business, Dynamics C5 handles almost exclusively finance and inventory and not that much more. Therefore, C5 is mainly suitable for smaller companies which needs are limited to a system primarily designed for financial management and inventory management.

From C5 to NAV

Today a lot of companies use C5. But Microsoft has announced that they close down the support of C5 within a few years.

Active Business Solutions has great experience with implementing NAV at both large and small companies and upgrading from C5 to NAV.

Benefits of upgrading

Dynamics NAV is a scalable solution which can constantly adapt the size of your business. Once you have implemented Navision to your business will never again have to change your ERP system, but as with all other financial systems, you sometimes have to upgrade and maintain your software.

So if you considers that C5 will be too small for your company's future needs and growth, please feel free to contact us for an informal dialogue on how we will replace your current C5 solution with NAV - and what opportunities it can provide your business.

We have developed a wide range of additional solutions for Navision, so in addition to a more modern financial system, we can make a substitution help you to create further efficiency of your company's financial areas.

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