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Power BI for Dynamics CRM

With Power BI, you get valuable information about your customers in real time from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data.

Visualize your business opportunities and potential

Power BI helps you determine and identify the potential new opportunities for your business in just a single dashboard. Analyze the company's pipeline or monitor sales across a wide range of calculations and gain valuable insights directed towards concrete action.

Get deep insight into your customers

With Power BI, you get out-of-box project folders that deliver visuals to important and very key parameters, for example, it can be a client portfolio workbook.

But why combine Power BI and Dynamics CRM?

Although Dynamics CRM is a highly effective customer relations tool and already has a large number of reports built into the solution, for example marketing and sales, the solution lacks the flexibility that allows you to edit in existing templates. But by combining Power BI and Dynamics CRM, you can quickly convert your company's data into valuable insights with the dynamic visual dashboards which in addition is available on all types of devices

The reports in Power BI are also updated automatically, meaning the reports are never outdated and therefore display fresh and updated information. Since it is possible to dive into the reports you always have access to the underlying data and can monitor performance, analyze trends, and identify potential issues before they occur and thus anticipate a possible critical situation before it occurs.

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